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I have no words. Literally. Okay, not literally... I'm a world-class blog boy - I can always conjure up a pretty decent blog. Even when I'm disgusted and frustrated by the events I am covering. And last night definitely falls under that category. Holy shit. What the FUCK was that game last night??? I don't even know where to begin.  I was in the Bronx yesterday, watching the game from Stan's. For those who aren't familar, Stan's is a bar across the street from Yankee Stadium, known for being the greatest Yankee bar in the world. Anyone who disagrees...you are wrong. The...

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We all know last night’s game sucked. I’m not going to talk about that. Instead, allow me to be a little more conspiratorial. By now, you’ve probably heard Luis Severino did not start warming up in the bullpen until 8 minutes before the start of the game. That is VERY unusual. As John Flaherty pointed out in the YES postgame, pitchers begin their warmups about 30 minutes prior to games. So what happened? I’ll tell you… Luis Severino and Gary Sanchez thought the game started at 8. Many are hypothesizing this, but no one seems to have made a connection...

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OKAY! Now that is what I call a dub!  Coming off that super frustrating loss on Friday night, our squad rebounded in a big way. Instead of wallowing in sadness and alcohol (which I might have done, but I'm not admitting to anything), how did they respond? By KICKING the shit out of Boston on Saturday night! It all started off, right away, when Mr. Aaron Judge decided to launch a goddamn moonshot into the stratosphere.     #ALLRISE - Aaron Judge with a titanic blast to give the #Yankees a quick 1-0 lead! 📷: @TBSNetwork pic.twitter.com/kJTXNTKtUP — YES Network (@YESNetwork) October...

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*Note: Recaps of Games 1 and 2 are being written back-to-back. My thoughts have been compiled, yet they are a jumbled mess. That is all* RIVALRY. RENEWED. For the first time since that series in 2004 that I have since erased from my brain (I wish...), we are facing off against the fucking Red Sox in the playoffs. Albeit, this is the ALDS, not the Championship Series. Regardless, this is no laughing matter. This is no time for my dependable and quality jokes that you readers have come to expect from me...no time.... Just kidding. There is always time for a well...

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