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YES Network Over/Under Competition

We know them far too well. Night after night the YES Network broadcast team brings us Emmy Award-winning productions right into our living rooms. Some love it, some hate it. But at the end of the day, we know the YES Network shticks. We know the sayings, the habits, and banter between the YES broadcasting team.

This season, Talkin’ Yanks have created an over/under competition for Yankees fans. We want our fans to fill in their over/unders. We will keep track of the winners and losers. At the end of the season, the person who gets the most correct will receive a generous prize from Talkin’ Yanks. 100+ people sign up for the competition, we will upgrade the gift into a Yankees jersey.

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    • David Cone comparing “the new school vs. the old school” — 8.5
    • Ken Singleton “LOOKOUT!!” — 15.5
    •  David Cone says the phrase “Regress to the mean” — 3.5
    •  A broadcaster jumps on a home run call over Kay — 6.5
    • Broadcaster shows a player smiling and says “____ has a lot of reasons to smile.” — 5.5
    • Boone’s Game 7 HR is replayed during a game (between 1st and last pitch) — 4.5
    • A color guy compliments Gary Sanchez and Kay remains silent until next pitch — 1.5
    • Al Leiter speaks consecutively for 2 straight pitches with no interruptions — 1.5
    • Kay gets made fun of for having a huge head by color men — 2.5
    • Peter Rosenberg spends time in the broadcasting booth — .5
    • Don La Greca shown as a fan on TV — .5
    • Kay says “ALL RISE” after a home run — 4.5
    • Broadcast team mentions CC Sabathia worked with Andy Pettitte —  2.5
    • Kay shamelessly plugs a CenterStage interview that he’s done or will be doing
    • Broadcast team TALKS about celebrities in the stands at Yankee Stadium —  6.5
    • Regular season games Jimmy Fallon attends (MUST BE BROADCASTED ON YES) — 6.5
      • Broadcaster uses telestrator in the middle of a play — .5
      • Sung Min Kim is mentioned in the YES Booth — .5
      • Katie Sharp is mentioned in the YES Booth — 4.5
      • @ThatNYYChick has the #YESPriusPrime before game — 3.5
      • YES shows this video clip of Paul O’ Neill — 1.5
    • O’Neill makes fun of Kay for being a picky eater — 2.5
    • Booth reminds us that Boone is great with connecting with the young players — 16.5
    • Al Leiter calls for replay to prove his point but the replay proves him wrong — 2.5
    • YES Booth shows a Matthew Stucko tweet during game — 4.5

    1. Make your picks here.
    2. Tiebreaker will be determined by Yankees regular season record prediction in Doc.
    Best of luck to everybody. If you would like to put cold, hard cash on each of these, feel free to DM @jomboy directly. He is placing bets until Opening Day. The guy is looking to fund this website any way possible. 
    NOTE: ALL GAMES ON PIX 11 INCLUDED IN YES NETWORK COMPETITION. MLB will also be broadcasting games on Facebook. If the YES team is announcing on Facebook, that game is included as well. 
    Twitter: @justinddiamond
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