What a game!! Gleyber and Gardy steal us a game against Houston!

It’s time for a Heist: Cue the Mission Impossible music


Daa daa Da-da Daa Daa /Da-Da Daa Daa Da-Da Daa Daa/ Da Da Daaaa

^^That took me a while to write out and I’m not sure I even got the beats right. I replayed the same 5 seconds of the theme song on Youtube. Over and Over. I think my brain is going to explode now.

That was way too much work, but I did it for you guys. Hope you appreciate it…Anyways…yeah it was like a scene out of one of those Tommy Cruise movies last night.

Because Gleyber and Gardy just pulled off a MASSIVE heist. They stole a big one. What was the score, you might ask?

Something very very precious: a huge victory, against an annoyingly good team, that we had no business winning…LET’S GO

What a whirlwind of a game. Playoff-like atmosphere.

It’s hard to find many things better than stealing a huge game against this Astros team. We did not deserve to win this extremely ugly game. In terms of errors, Gleyber had 2 and CC, Miggy, and Gary each had one. FIVE ERRORS.

I’ll tell you this much…we’re not going to win many games this year after giving up 5 errors. It’s just not going to happen – so, this victory was a godsend.

But, as I much as I dislike them, I have to give credit to the Astros, as well. They’re really fucking good. Any win against them feels great. Doesn’t matter if it’s only May.

This is a squad we, very well, might have to face in October. Getting big-game experience against them early on could pay dividends down the road.

Soo, let’s recap!

Gardy got the party started early (see what I did there), with a very familiar lead-off dinger. It’s hard to get more classic than a Brett Gardner lead-off HR. It’s like the Big Mac of Yankee home runs in the last few years – It’s a total classic.

So the dude with the shaved head gave us a 1-0 lead. But Gattis, the bearded lumberjack, tied it up real quick.

But in the second inning, the “Unreal Kid”, Glibber, himself, knocked home Miggy for a 2-1 lead. If you haven’t realized yet about Gleyber Torres, the kid is unreal!!

Unfortunately, CC struggled against this Astros lineup. After starting off real hot, out of the gate, the big guy has cooled off his last few starts.

With Sonny and Domingo being huge question marks going forward, we really need Carsten Charles to settle back into a consistent role. His big-game playoff experience will be vital down the stretch. Soo, let’s hope he snaps out of this rough streak he’s been on. Figure it out CC, you got this.


So, CC gave up a 2-run double in the 4th, and a RBI single and sac fly in the 5th. Just like that, we’re down 5-2.

I really hate this Charlie Morton, guy. He’s literally the Jose Bautista of pitchers – except he’s even older than Jose was when he started getting good. I, obviously, cannot guarantee that Morton is cheating…but I’m holding true to this theory until I’m proven wrong.

Fuck you, Charlie.

My good buddy Aaron shares in my distaste of this dude. That’s why he launched a lead-off 6th inning homer, to cut the lead to 5-3. JUDGEEEE

I tweeted about this earlier today: our boy Aaron has had the quietest start to the year. And he’s hit 15 goddamn home runs…and it is still May. WHAT

He’s been flying under the radar and it is absurd. But as long as he is balling out, I’ll take it. Here’s a quick rundown of his stat line again:

.288 BA, 15 HRs, 55 hits, 40 RBIs, .422 OBP, and a 1.008 OPS – those are AMAZING stats. How has it been so quiet in the news??

After the Judge homer, our bats were pretty quiet. And things were not looking good. The one positive takeaway, though, was the bullpen…

Holder gave us 2 solid innings, while D-Rob and Betances both looked great in their individual innings.

Remember that, Boonie. Only have Dellin pitch one inning in a game and we will be golden – hopefully…ya never know with Dellin. Anyways, the point is that our bullpen was great and man, we really needed that.

However, offensively it appeared as if we were rolling over like a dog, which was depressing as hell. During the 7th and 8th innings, I was preparing my brain to chalk this one up as another loss. Shit. Losing two in a row against the fucking Astros. That is not what I expected from our boys at home.

This had all the signs to be a sad and depressing recap…until the 9th inning. THE COMEBACK KIDS!

Well not all of them were kids, since the first hero was none other than 34 year old GARDY PARTY himself! I love this old timer


I don’t know who he’s calling in this gif, but it’s probably someone who isn’t as badass and awesome as he is. Just guessing.

After an Andújar walk and a Gleyber strike-out, Gardy took matters into his own hands. The unofficial clubhouse leader was like “fuck this, we’re not losing another game to this damn team. Watch and learn youngsters

Gardy was clearly tired of the young guys being the focal point in this offense. So he stood up and DELIVERED. Big time. 2 RUN HOMER TO TIE THE GAME AT 5


Side note: After Gardy hit that ball, I started to frantically panic that Springer was going to catch it. If he did catch that ball, I’m pretty sure I would have crumbled onto the floor and curled up into the fetal position – thankfully, we did not arrive at that scenario.


Chappie, Chappie, Chappie…it’s never easy with you, is it? After two quick outs, he walked Tony Kemp. Thennn, he threw a wild pitch. Oh god, here we go.

Then, he threw another wild pitch. God damnit. As Kemp rushed over to third, something incredible happened. Something that literally almost made me fall out of the desk chair I was sitting in.

Honestly, one of the luckiest things I’ve ever seen on a baseball diamond.

Chapman’s 102 heater bounded straight off the backstop and bounced perfectly into Gary’s glove, who calmly fielded it and FIRED IT TO THIRD. HE’S OUT!!


This play was goddamn incredible. Sometimes, fate bounds perfectly in our direction – this was one of those times. How do you even plan for that? Spoiler alert: you don’t

But for all you Gary haters – cut your bullshit about him being a bad defensive catcher. Do you know how many catchers can perfectly field that ricochet and then fire it on a rope to third? Not many. So settle down on the Gary hate.

Check out Jomboy’s reactions to both the Gardy homer and the Gary throw to third.


And lastly, we arrive at the bottom of the 10th. And now it was truly time for the COMEBACK KIDS. Emphasis on the word “kids”.

It started with a huge, 2 out double by Miggy Andújar. Love this kid.

And then, here he comes. GLIBBER. 2 balls, 2 strikes and what does he do? WALK-OFF SINGLE!!

I do not understand how amazing this 21 year old is!! I actually cannot fathom it right now. Even on a day where he gave up 2 costly errors, Gleyber did not let this bother him or weigh him down.

The true sign of a skilled and successful big leaguer is not sweating the small stuff. Players are going to make mistakes and fuck up during a game. The great ones deal with it, get it out of their minds, and make up for it. And that is exactly what Gleyber Torres did.

This kid is truly something special. I cannot wait to watch him grow and develop into a true Yankees superstar. It sure is going to be fun to watch!

And now to end this recap, let us all enjoy another rendition of “Magic Moment” from our buddy Jomboy

This is the second one starring Gleyber in the month of May . I look forward to Magic Moment: Gleyber Part 27″, hopefully very soon.


Tonight, we’ve got Sevy on the bump, tonight, in this rubber match game. Let’s beat these fucking Astros.



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