We beat our less talented little brother!

Nice win! If you read my last post, you know I hate the Blue Jays. I called them our annoying little brother who our parents think is better than us, but then slowly realize he sucks.

That defines the Toronto Blue Jays. For the last few years, all the baseball “experts” say “oh, this could be the Blue Jays year in the AL East.” And it pisses me off EVERY TIME.

Thankfully, we started this 4-game set off with a nice victory. Unsurprisingly, CC started the game – because we seem to always have good mojo when Big C is on the mound. He did not finish a full 5 innings to get the dub for himself, but 4 1/3 innings of 2 run, 0 unearned baseball is exactly what we need from #52.

Wade and Lil’ Toe got the runs going while Chad Green and Dellin (yes Dellin!) kept our stupid and annoying little brother in check.

Boone, you sneaky bastard, you. Putting in Dellin could have ended HORRIBLY. And you, my friend, would have been ripped apart by the NY newspapers, TV, and most importantly, this blog!! But, thankfully, for your sake Aaron, Dellin did his job!

Flashes of old Dellin make me feel some type of way. If he keeps this up, look out everybody! Also, Dellin, if you’re reading this (I hope you are), I would seriously consider changing your walk-up music to “Without Me” by a one Mr. Marshall Mathers.

“Guess who’s back, back again. Dellin’s back. Tell a friend!” If we could get Eminem to record a remix and throw the name ‘Dellin’ in there, instead of Shady, we would have a winner.

Okay, wow I am going wayyy off-topic. Sorry, guys! But I really hope you are back, Dellin! I’ve missed you.

D-Rob thought it would be fun to give us a little bit of a heart attack in the 8th – I see what you were doing there, guy. Trying to keep us all on our toes, eh David? Bold strategy, please don’t do it again!

And then we get to the real man. The flamethrower, himself. The hurler who only needed 12 pitches. The lock-down weapon who reached 101 mph last night, which is just a walk in the park for him at this point. The CLOSER. Aroldis “CHAPPIE” Chapman.


Oh baby, Chappie. When you are on fire like you were last night, there is no better closer in the League. I felt like I was watching vintage Mariano when he came in last night. 1 run lead? No problem.. we’ve got the best closer in baseball

12 pitches, 1-2-3, 3 strikeouts, bing bang boom. That’s a 4-3 W. Keep it up, Chap – the man is locked in right now and I love it…

I think that wraps it up for me today, boys. Sonny on the bump tonight, let’s keep the wins going

Oh..oh yeah..I think some Judge guy crushed another home run..yawn. No big deal right? It was only his 61st home run of his career – the fastest man in MLB history to do that. Nothing special, huh?

(Psssh I’m just kidding, Aaron. I love you. Keep doing you. You’re a machine)

Talk to you guys tomorrow! LET’S GO YANKS

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