Two in a row! Now we’re cookin!

“We won a game yesterday. If we win one today, that’s two in a row. If we win one tomorrow, that’s called a winning streak. It has happened before.” – Lou Brown, the Cleveland Indians manager in Major League 2 (and 1. But don’t correct me, the quote is from 2)

I thought that quote was the perfect way to describe yesterday’s game. We haven’t looked bad recently, besides that 2nd Marlins game, which I still don’t want to talk about, but we have not been consistent. We have been the MOST inconsistent. Like when Brett Favre could never decide when to retire or keep playing – that’s the kind of inconsistency I’m talking about.

But guess what…we won our 2nd in a row yesterday! And we beat those fuckin’ Blue Jays 3 games out of 4 – that’s what I’m talking about! This is the perfect time to gain some steam and get a nice little winning streak goin’. Now we start a series with those friendly neighbors of Canada, the Minnesota Twins, eh?

Yesterday was a great all around win for our squad. First, it was #Gleyberday! Gleyber Torres is here, ladies and gents. No worries that you went 0/4, Gleyber, I totally understand your thought process.

Everyone was so hyped to finally see you, that you didn’t want to go overboard and ball out! That makes total sense! Ya gotta taper everyone’s expectations by leaving them wanting more – I like the way you think, kid. Maybe throw a nice little infield single into tonight’s game? Or a sac fly perhaps?

Nah, I’m kidding. Crush a dinger tonight G, let’s go! Oh and side note – Mark Teixeira’s tweet about Gleyber was pure GOLD.


I miss you, Mark


Okay, let’s speak this into existence. Sevy – Cy Young. Sevy – Cy Young. Sevy – Cy Young. Sevy – MVP – whoa, sorry. Got a little carried away there. Sevy you are a monster. Anybody who thinks you aren’t an ace needs to be slapped upside the head.

I’ll do the slapping.

Didi crushed a solo shot and at this point I’m just yawning every time he does something. 2018 is truly the Didi coming out party. He will just proceed to continue the mashing of baseballs and I, for one, cannot wait to see more. You might be my child’s namesake after all!

Oh yeah, and that Andújar kid is okay. LOL just kidding – he’s unreallll. I knew he was going to be good, but I had no idea he would be this good. It’s like when I joined a fraternity at the University of Florida…a long, long time ago.

I knew there were going to be parties, but wait…we have gameday tailgates with unlimited beer too?! Miguel, you are the unlimited gameday beer in my life, now. Keep on crushing those baseballs and the odds of me purchasing a #41 jersey will only get higher.

Mostly for you – but I also want to find a perfect way to honor Ivan Nova. Don’t judge me

Last, but certainly not least, everyone’s favorite back-up catcher had a 2-run double! I love Austin Romine – he literally is the perfect backup catcher. Like the Frank Reich to Gary Sanchez’s Jim Kelly.

No I’m not a Bills fan, but that analogy works perfectly. Bills Mafia is dope, though.

But yeah, Austin has earned my undying loyalty since he beat the shit out of Miggy Cabrera last year. Now, THAT was a brawl. Yanks-Red Sox brawl from a couple weeks ago, take notes.

You can learn a thing or two from my buddy, Austin. And yes, Austin is the featured image for today’s post. Who knows when he will have a great offensive game again, so I need to take advantage of it!

Okay, so great series win against the goddamn Jays. As I said earlier, Minnesota comes to town tonight.

Let’s keep the good vibes going and let’s get another big win tonight! Tanaka Time come on!

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