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This Magic Moment: The Complete 2018 List (HICKS UPDATE)

Despite what Yankees Twitter might tell you, there have been many Magic Moments for the 2018 Yankees. We've got all of them for you on this thread.


April 26- Gary Walks-Off the Twins

 Gary's walk-off homer against Minnesota was a huge lift, and it was the hit that felt like the thing that kickstarted a long string of magic moments early in the year. The Yanks went down 3-0 on a pair of annoying homers in the third and sixth innings, respectively. Hicks had earlier broken the seal on scoring with a sac fly, but the fun all happened in the bottom of the ninth, with Didi reaching on a throwing error by Miguel Sano (idiot!) and then Giancarlo Stanton, still in a full-on slump, notched an infield single to bring up El Gary, who came into that game just starting to come out of his biggest slump. He crushed this shot down the line to end the game in what I thought would set him up to finally get going with a big season. That didn't really happen, but he had a good three weeks or so, there!


May 2- Gary Again in Houston*

This is my favorite play of the season. My favorite play of the last few years probably (Didi's Wild Card homer is my favorite)! I don't blame you if you say "This doesn't count because it wasn't a walk-off, idiot!" but I'm telling you to shut up because it was a moment that was very magic and Jomboy already made the video for it, so it counts! It made Ken Giles punch himself in the face, it broke a 0-0 tie against the defending champs that eliminated the Yankees a year ago. It was magic. Find a new slant.


May 4- Miguel Andujar Saves the Day

Miguel Andujar got in on the fun in the opening game of a three-game set against the Cleveland Indians. Aroldis Chapman blew the save in the top of the ninth inning and we all thought the sky was falling, but then we felt stupid because of course we were doing to win. Giancarlo hit a leadoff double, then Cody Allen came in and got two quick outs. Neil Walker walked (you like that shit, Kayster?) and then we got Miggy with it on the Andujar bloop single.


May 6- A Child Leads Them to a Win

The play that really kickstarted all of the Gleyber-mania.The Yankees went down 4-0 in the eighth inning of this Sunday showdown against the Tribe. Dellin Betances pooped the bed when they tried to extend him for two innings, souring a good start from our boy Domingo German.The Yanks elected to bring it to within one run in the eighth inning and then have fun in the ninth. Hicks and Walker led off with back-to-back doubles, and the Indians intentionally walked Giancarlo to bring up the rookie, Torres, who crushed the three-run blast to center.


May 12- Let's Boogie

 Disco Neil was hot and was in a stretch where he was a major key in seemingly every big rally for the Yankees, and this afternoon matchup against Oakland was no different. The Yankees evened an A's 6-2 lead in the fifth inning, where it stayed at 6-6 until the eleventh inning when Giancarlo and Hicks worked walks and then Neil ended it with a bloop single.


May 29- Glibber Again

 Gleyber got to play the hero again in this one, walking off Houston on a Tuesday night in the Bronx. This was a wild game that vacillated between the Yanks and 'Stros. The Yankees found themselves down 5-3 in the ninth when Brett Gardner tied it with a homer to keep the game going. Miguel Andujar hit a 2-out double in the bottom of the tenth and then Gleyber was able to knock him in with this hit!


 June 20- Giancarlo's Signature Moment

 Giancarlo had his signature moment in this game against the Mariners. Johnny Lasagna and Chasen Shreve combined to put the Yanks in a 5-0 hole by the top of the fifth inning. The Yankees were able to come back from it, tying the score on Gary Sanchez's two-run blast in the eighth, but it was Stanton that had the magic moment, crushing a walk-off two-run shot to left center field.


August 28- D-I-S-C-O

Disco Neil Walker came up big in this one against the White Sox. Lance Lynn pitched a nice game, but the Yankee offense was asleep all night after being down 4-0. Miguel Andujar cut it in half with a two-run homer and Hicks did the same to tie it in the eighth, but it was our man Disco Neil who came in to hit the game-winner with a pinch-hit homer over the right-field wall. 


September 22- Hicks Sends Us to the Postseason

 The Yankees played a stupid game with the Orioles on this Saturday affair. Aaron Hicks and Luke Voit homered early, but the O's tied it in the fifth and the offense decided not to do anything anymore for a while. The game went to extras. In the 11th inning, Didi Gregorius hit a leadoff single and Hicks, after fouling a ball off his ankle, roped a double down the left field line that would score Didi from first and clinch another postseason berth for the Yanks.


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