The Tigers Minor League Stadium has NO IDEA What a Burrito Is

In a world with the internet. In a world with Chipotle. It’s almost unfathomable that someone could have zero idea what a burrito is.

Welcome to Lakeland, Florida.

It was my second time at the stadium so I wanted to try something a little different than the regular ballpark food I had been eating the last three days.

I saw a sign for burrito bowls.


Nothing fried. No bread. A nice break from the normal ballpark foods.

I ordered the burrito bowl. I chose chicken as the meat. I asked for light sour cream and light quac.

This is what they handed me.



That’s…not a burrito.

That’s…not a bowl.

That’s two soft shell tacos that you put in a plastic bowl. What the fuck?

Do they have no idea what a burrito is? Throw some rice in their buddy. Scoop some beans into the mix. Do something! Do anything to make the burrito bowl a burrito.

Can anyone explain or excuse this? What’s going on in Lakeland? How can you hand someone two soft shell tacos in a to-go container and say “here’s your burrito bowl sir.”

Be better The Tigers. Be better.