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The End of the Joe Girardi Era is Upon Us

I’ve got a good source that tells me Joe will not be returning as the Yankees manager next year.

I’m not a reporter, but yeah Joe is gone

As a Joe fan, it wasn’t all that fun to get the news that he won’t be returning today. That’s what happened. Someone I know and trust told me that Joe met with Cash today and won’t be returning as the Yankees manager next year. That’s not a lie. It’s not me trying to gain followers or me throwing mud at the wall hoping something will stick.

I’ll take a step backward.

I’m not a professional reporter. I never plan on being a professional reporter. I’m just a Yankees fan who has a lot of fun talking about the Yankees. I’ve gained a decent enough following thus far and some of those followers happen to be people who are close to the team and organization. So when I was told the news about Joe today I thought, huh, that would be something if I was the first person to tweet this out. In retrospect, I probably don’t do that again. First off, I didn’t really process how big of a story this is. Secondly, I didn’t realize people would think I was blatantly lying just to promote myself.

So again, to be clear.

I heard from someone, who I know to be close to the situation, that Joe Girardi is not returning as manager next year.

That is not a lie.

If this person is setting me up. If they have played a really weird long con which all led to me getting news about Joe returning wrong, then so be it. I will tip my hat to them and say, well played, you fucking weirdo. I don’t think that’s the case though. I believe what I heard and what I reported.

Joe is gone.


I was also told that Joe is meeting with the Yankees tomorrow with his agent to figure out why they are moving on from him. So it seems that the Yankees are parting ways.

My best guess…

(now this is pure speculation)

I would bet that Cashman doesn’t want to spend 4 million a year on a manager anymore. He knows his team is good. He probably doesn’t value the manager’s role as much as he used to. Dusty Baker made half of what Joe made last season. Kevin Cash made 13th of what Joe made (I did this math like 5 times, so I’m pretty sure that’s right. Cash made 800k). If they are trying to stay under the luxury tax it would make sense to go the cheaper route on a manager.

 I guess manager salary doesn’t fall under luxury tax so scratch that notion. Simply just to save money then.

Would it be crazy to keep the coaching staff together, bump Pena up to the manager for 1 mil and roll on? The more I think about it the more that seems fairly logical. I like Joe. I wanted him to come back. My gut tells me that Cashman very coldly slid a piece of paper across his desk and said “this is what we’d like to pay our manager next season”. Joe picked it up and was gut-punched by the figure he saw.

Hopefully, the official news comes out sooner than later.

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