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The Case For and Against Every Wild Card Starter

The Wild Card game is coming (barring something happening that I'm not even going to say but kinda just said). People have been having the conversation for a month now. Some crazy folk have been having it for a couple months. It's all anyone can talk about. 


I've been dodging the conversation for a while but now it's time to give my full thoughts. 


The pros and cons of each starting pitcher getting the ball in the wild-card game. Here we go...



Pros: He's been our best pitcher since the all-star break. His sinker, when right, is a big game pitch that leads to strikeouts and groundouts. Tanaka loves the big moment and you can expect him to come to task. He's been on the team for a while and will be here for a couple more years, so in a sense, you can say he's put in his time and has earned the right to take on this responsibility and trust from the organization. 


Cons: If he doesn't get the job done he may spiral into a severe depression or beat himself up in the clubhouse Liar Liar style. 


Sonny Gray

Pros: The entire fanbase would be unified in its disgust, disbelief and anger by the decision. It would be a blast for everyone to finally be on the exact same page. 

Cons: He has disappointed us all season and would most likely disappoint us again.


JA Happ

Pros: He's been as stable as stable comes since donning the pinstripes. A professional pitcher who goes out there with a plan and executes it. 

Cons: His stuff doesn't lend itself to complete shut down games as much as Tanaka's can. He's a temporary player that is passing through.


CC Sabathia

Pros: We'd get a lot of close-ups of sweat dripping and a lot of fun lip reading clips.

Cons: Almost everything else.



Pros: How good is your good? Well, Severino's good is the best good the Yankees have. 

Cons: Severino's good has vanished.

Lance Lynn

Pros: None. 

Cons: A lot.


There you have it. The best, most in-depth look you will see into the wild card decision. 

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