Still won the series, now let’s beat Oakland!

Ehh, no big our winning streak came to end. We still won the series against the Red Sux. We’re still balling, don’t worry about it.

Spin zone: We’ve won 17 of our 19…that’s so damn good.

And it was great to see us comeback, again, last night and type it up at 4…seriously no lead is safe against us. Anytime somebody is ahead, look out for us to jump up and make a move. We’re like Ricky Bobby – if ya ain’t first, you’re last.


Now, we did ‘technically’ lose last night’s game…so if we weren’t first…does that mean we were last? But but, we’re still tied for first with Boston!

Damnit. I got twisted and tricked by my own analogy. Damn you, Ricky Bobby.

Anyways, let’s run through this game, shall we?

CC did not have his best stuff last night, but it’s tough to get mad at the big guy. He has been money so far this year, so one little slip up isn’t the right time to get all angry. The man is 37 years old; he is not going to be balling out during every start.

Fuckin’ Hanley Ramirez launched a solo shot to make it 4-0 before we got halted by a rain delay.

In baseball, what is worse than rain delays? I’ll answer that for ya, not much…especially when you’re at the stadium. Now, I wasn’t there last night, but I am speaking from past experiences.

When you’re at games during rain delays, you are stuck in a straight trap. Like some shit that is straight out of a Saw movie. Okay okay, it is not a life or death situation, but it still is pretty damn annoying.

You have only a few options in these scenarios.

A. You can remain at your seat and get steadily rained on – trust me, even if you have a poncho, this still sucks.


B. You can hang out by the concession stands and get tempted and temped until you eventually spend a shit ton of money on food and beer. Trust me, they’ll get ya. One way or the other.

Okay, that was my nice little rain delay anecdote. Tune in for our next installment, after the next Yankees rain delay!

When the game started back up again, our squad still looked really flat. It honestly looked like one of those games where we would not be able to get anywhere against the pitchers. BUT, I forgot that these are the new Yankees we are dealing with here!

Let’s shift to the 7th…



(Little Big League is a very underrated baseball movie, if you have not seen it)

Let’s run through what transpired after a leadoff fly out by Tyler Austin…

First off, Miggy and Gleyber matched each other with back-to-back singles. Then Boone decide to pinch hit for Lil Toe and who does he bring in?!

Everyone’s favorite new cult hero and master walker, NEIL WALKER!

And what does Neil do? He walks, of course! Seriously, this man either walks or lines a double into the right field or right-center gap. He only knows how to do one of these two things, but I will take it.

So Neil walked and then Boston decided to bring in Joe Fuckin’ Kelly. Spoiler alert, Joe: I still hate you…

So Kelly comes in, and immediately walks Gardy with THE BASES LOADED!

Joe, you fuckin’ idiot! That’s not smart baseball! Ya dumbass!

Then what? A BEAUTIFUL RBI single by Aaron Judge because the man is clutch as hell. What a guy, what a guy…

After that, Didi grounded into a fielder’s choice to make it 4-3, and, after a wild pitch by Kelly, boom we’re tied at 4! Talk about a bang bang inning. No, that isn’t a sex reference, guys…let’s be mature here!

(In all seriousness, when I typed ‘bang bang’, I immediately thought about Bonefish Grill’s bang bang shrimp. But I’ll save that discussion for another day).

It really is incredible that no lead is ever safe against us. You could see that the Red Sox dugout was depressed as hell, thinking they would lose another game to us…in heartbreaking fashion, mind you.

But alas, it was not meant to be. Jeez, I really need to cut it out with the ‘alas’. I don’t know who I think I am.

Big surprise, but Dellin gave up a solo HR in his second inning of work. Other than that, he wasn’t bad at all, but Boone. COME ON.

Stop throwing Dellin out there for multiple innings, he cannot do it. I understand that our bullpen is pretty weak right now, with no Kahnle or Warren.

Hopefully we will not see Dellin for a second inning of work when those guys are back and healthy.

I also reallyyyy thought Judge had robbed that HR at first. It was hilarious how that kid was too scared to cheer after he caught that homer, because he knew Judge might kick his ass if he showed that he was the holding the ball.

Smart move, kid. Ya don’t ever want to intentionally piss off a goddamn specimen who is 6 foot 7 and weighs over 280 pounds.

We tried to mount a second comeback, but we just couldn’t do it – oh well, I’m not too upset.

We’ve been incredible recently…you cannot expect us to win every single game – losses are going to happen.

BUT, let’s get back on track tonight! The 18-19 Oakland Athletics are coming into town.

Let’s beat the shit out of them, please!

Game 1 will be starting off with Sonny Gray facing his old team. Let’s go Sonny! You’ve been looking better recently, keep it up!

Let’s get a win, boys! And as always…


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