Series win – LET’S GO

THERE WE GO! Another series win against the Astros. And we have now beat them 5 out of 7 games this year.

Can we get to the ALCS already? BRING IT ON. We’re ready for ’em. Well, except for a starting pitcher…

Can we start the ALCS now, but we’re given Bumgarner? Or Hamels? Or one of the Mets starters? Just a suggestion for you guys in the MLB office. It could simplify things if we just hit the fastforward button on this metaphorical remote, and head directly to the ALCS.

Okay, okay, I’m getting way ahead of myself. And no, I am not guaranteeing we will be in the ALCS, or as my non-baseball friends call it, “the baseball semi-finals”(…idiots)

But, based on our play in these first two months, I think we have a great fucking shot. And this series against the Astros proved, once again, that we can hang with anybody in this league.

Near the end of Tuesday night’s game, it looked like we were going to be down in this series 2-0. The Astros were already licking their chops, imagining a potential sweep in Yankee Stadium.

Then, Gardy tied it up and Gleyber gave us the win to say “fuck you Astros!” And then yesterday, we took the series from this damn team. They went from believing they would be up 2-0 with a chance to sweep, to heading back to the former country known as Texas,  as a loser. Love it. Also, shout out to Sam Houston, the first President of the Republic of Texas…what a legend

Anyways, GREAT WIN last night! Let’s recap!


Holy shit, Luis Severino is amazing. He is an Ace, if I’ve ever seen one. And yes, I capitalized “Ace,” to emphasize my point. Sevy is the real deal – no question about it

Remember how I said in an earlier post that Monty is Outback Steakhouse? Because he’s consistent? Well, my boy Sevy is easily Peter Luger’s. The best damn steakhouse in this fine city of Nueva York. That is a little Spanish for all you rookies out there.

I bet my good pal, Ron Swanson, would sure like this whole steak discussion.


Luis “Sevy” Severino shall henceforth be known as Luis “Sevy” “Peter Luger” Severino. Yeah, he now gets two quotation nicknames – deal with it.

On second thought, that is kind of a mouthful. I’m definitely not going to be happy about typing all of that out each time I address Sevy. So I will, most likely, only refer to him by the former nickname, but just remember…he’s as good as Peter Luger’s. And that is saying something!

Sevy’s final statline was: 7 IP, 4 hits, 2 ER, 1 walk, 11 K’s


And it’s important to remember, those 2 earned runs were off that one singular mistake, in the form of a 2-run homer by Max Stassi. That one bad pitch is really the only true mistake on this Sevy performance. He was amazing. Total masterpiece

He is now 8-1 with a 2.31 ERA…as I’ve said many times to start off this season, he is coming for the Cy Young Award…and…dare I say it? 20 wins?!

Well, he already has 8 and it is not even the month of June, yet. I think he has a pretty damn good shot if he keeps it up! Let’s go Sevy!

As for our offense, we scored 5 runs, but no home runs…I know, shocking, right?

Look at Michael Bluth, he is totally and completely flabbergasted.


I’m with you, Mike, it is pretty crazy that we didn’t launch any moonshots. But, it was just a nice solid performance of hitting some baseballs around the confines of our ballpark

Let’s do a quick rundown of the scoring, shall we?

Giancarlo got it going with a sac fly in the 1st. This was almost a huge extra-base hit for The Terminator – but Marisnick made an amazing catch in center to the hold the scoring at 1.

Gary hit a 2 run single in the 5th, Didi added a RBI single, and Hicksy had a RBI double. Aaron has really been slumping, and I don’t know much longer they are going to stick with him, until calling up Red Thunda again.

But, it was still a big hit for the boy Hicksy. So, in the meantime, keep it up A-ARon!

Soo, we had a 5-2 lead after Sevy finished up his start, heading into the 8th. D-Rob shut down their bats, besides one little single. Robertson has been used pretty frequently recently, but I support it.

He has 0 ER in 4 straight appearances, and 5 out of his last 6. This has been great to see, because he was struggling a little bit earlier in the season. Keep it up D-Rob and keep on running (I’m sorry, I’m pretty sure I have posted this gif before, but I love it way too much)


Then Chappie came in for the save and, in “Classic Chappie” fashion, he made us sweat a little bit.

But this time, he didn’t just walk a guy, hit a guy, or give up a base hit – no, no, no!

In this episode of “Classic Chappie,” he gave up a single and a RBI double!

Ohhh, Chappie – what are we gonna do with you?

Imagine the way parents reprimanded kids in some old TV sitcom. That is the way I’m talking to Chapman right now. It’s hard to get really mad at the guy. because he is still a great closer. Not to mention, we had a little leeway since we were up by 3 at the start of the 9th.

But, it really isn’t an authentic Chapman save without a little bit of stress.

Anyways, we won the series! That’s all that matters!

Apologies to you guys, for taking a little bit longer than usual to post this blog…we’re about an hour from game time in Baltimore.

But, what better way to spend that awkward hour before first pitch, then read a nice recap from Johnny Pinstripes?! Nothing better!

Let’s beat up on the Orioles this weekend!!

And as always…


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