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See ya Anaheim, onto Houston! 9 IN A ROW!

Thanks, Anaheim – it was a blast! Thanks for letting us come into your city, take over your ballpark, and sweep your team. It was a lot of fun! Let us know when you’re free to do it again!

Wow. Our team just keeps on rolling and rolling. And the haters are coming back in full force. Cue the Chamillionaire lyrics.


That was our second straight sweep, third series win in a row, and 9th straight win. In other words, it is a great time to be a Yankee fan!

When the squad is rolling like this, everything is better. Food tastes better, alcohol definitely tastes better, and I almost did not mind waking up early to go to work today. Almost, being the key word here.

Last night was A LOT different than Saturday’s shellacking, where we threw a 10-spot on the Angels before they could even blink. We only got 2 runs yesterday, thanks to EL GARY (big surprise!)

In the 4th inning, Gary absolutely demolished a ball to San Diego. The crack of the bat was electric and Gary knew it was gone the second it left his bat.


To be fair though, every crack of the bat was loud last night – there were a couple of times that I thought Albert Pujols mashed a HR, but, thankfully, that potential occurrence did not become a reality.

After Gary made it 2-0, it fell on the big guy to keep the lead in place. Carsten Charles Sabathia, himself.

I’m not trying to sound overly dramatic, but this late career resurgence of CC’s is nothing short of remarkable. 37 years old and he has adapted, succeeded, and isn’t skipping a beat now.

So, it was no surprise that he held the Angels in check for the rest of the game. They got 1 run on him, but he did his job. Personally, I was a little surprised that Boone let him go out there for the 7th inning, but he took care of business! 7 innings pitched, 5 hits, 1 ER, and 4 K’s. WHAT A GAME


(CC is currently 2-0 with a 1.71 ERA which is un-fuckin-believable)

Chad Green and Chappie got me a little nervous in the 8th and 9th innings, respectively, but when it was all said and done, Aroldis got a game-ending strikeout and we won the game 2-1! 9 IN A ROW

I’m so proud of how good this team has been. We keep this up, we can beat anyone in this League. Let MLB take notice – the 2018 Yankees are here, baby.

Now, we head to Houston. I want to beat this goddamn team so badly. Is it too much to ask for another sweep?! Okay, okay, I’m not trying to be greedy, but a guy can dream.

Sonny’s on the bump tonight. Please, Sonny…this is your chance to step up and turn things around. Let’s get it!


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