One loss, not a big deal! We almost came back because we’re legit

Look at us. The 2018 Yankees: good guys.

It’s obvious that we felt a little bad for the Rangers so we thought, “eh, we’ll throw them a bone. We’ll give them a win so their hometown fans can smile for a night!”

Okay, not actually…but I’m also not upset about this game. I’m not going to get bent out of shape after one loss to some scrub team. Of late, losses have been few and far between for us. So, hopefully this means we will rattle off a bunch of wins now that we got a loss under our belt.

The only thing that worries me moving forward is that 5th starter spot. After pitching a 6 inning no hitter in his first start, Domingo Germán has looked bad. Really bad.

He’s given up 6 ER in back to back starts…are you kidding me? One more of those in a row and that would be some Apocalypse type shit. 6-6-6 is the sign of the Devil right? That wouldn’t be a good look, Domingo.

But seriously, he has been terrible. He gave up a 3-run shot before I could even comfortably sit on my couch with a nice beer. We were losing 3-0 before my first sip! One wild pitch and one RBI groundout later and boom were down 5-0 because of Germán

I never thought I would miss Monty this bad, but man, do I miss him. He was sitting next to CC in the dugout last night and I kept looking at him, wishing he was out there.

One thing about Jordan Montgomery: he’s consistent. Consistency is key.

He’s like Outback Steakhouse. It isn’t going to be a great meal at Outback (far from it actually), but you know what you’re gonna get there.

It’ll be solid and it’ll get the job done when you’re hungry. And you can go back there and expect the same meal, with pretty much the same service.

Sound familiar? Jordan Montgomery = Outback Steakhouse

We need Outback Monty back!


We also might trade for a big-name starter, even if Monty comes back and does his job. And, ironically, we faced off against one of those potential options last night…

Cole Hamels looked pretty solid in his audition for American Idol: Yankees Edition. He definitely brought his A-Game against us. He knows what is at stake….

Be stuck on a last-place team in Arlington, Texas or get shipped to a World Series contender/first place team in New York.

Hmmmm. Tough choice right?

So we were down 5-0 before GLEYBER! What the absolute fuck? The kid hit another home run – how the hell is he doing this?

I feel like I’ve been saying this every day… oh wait, because I have. He is absolutely unreal. He is on a home run tear and I still cannot believe that he is only 21. Anddd, check out this stat:


I have a hunch that he is going to get keep breaking records this year.

Later in the game, we tried to mount a little comeback. Nothing special, but just tried to scare those Texas fans. After giving up another run to fall behind 6-1, we got a blast from our other rookie phenom.

MIGGY ANDÚJAR! He doesn’t want Gleyber getting all the limelight! Has a pair of rookie infielders ever burst onto the scene, for the same team, at the same time, like Gleyber and Andújar have? It’s insane. These guys are the future and it sure is going to be a beautiful future.

By the way, Gary left the game with a right calf cramp and I’m sure everyone was thinking “oh great, now we’re not going to get any production from the cleanup spot..”GUESS AGAIN

ROMINEE! 2 RUN HOMER! A nice little opposite field dinger that just cleared the fence. The best backup catcher in baseball, as I’ve said time and time again.

In 16 games this year, Romine is hitting .341 with 15 hits, 11 RBIs, 4 doubles, and 2 home runs now. That is going above and beyond what is expected of a backup catcher – but it’s fuckin’ great!

Also, Jomboy’s reaction to the homer is fantastic.



One last thing about Romine…please enjoy this nice homemade gif I made of a cool little moment with him and Andújar. I wish I knew what they said, but that little head tap is amazing. Love this team’s chemistry


You cannot get more homemade than this! I filmed this from my laptop, then cut it up in a GIF maker. I’m the least tech-savvy millennial on the planet, so I apologize for my keyboard being shown LOL.

After the Romine homer, I 100% thought we were going to comeback and win. That is the beauty of this team. Justin and I were in agreement.


6 run lead? No lead is safe against us!

Sadly, we couldn’t conjure up any more offense though, which was unfortunate. But oh well…

I love this team so much. You can never count us out of a game. You know by now that I call Giancarlo “The Terminator” – but our whole lineup is The Terminator.

We will always be back…we are always a threat to make some spectacular comeback and steal a victory. We all know that the Rangers bullpen was sweating and freaking out that they were gonna blow it. We came close!

Soo yeah, we lost 6-4. Not a big deal. The big guy is on the bump tonight, so let’s go out there and win this series. Classic situation for CC, coming in after a loss.

No guy I’d rather have starting for us after an L. Let’s Go C!


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P.S. Shout out to Boonie on his first ejection as our manager! Or as a manager in general, for that matter. I always love a good ejection, now and again…way to pop your cherry, skip!

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