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New to the Team! Oh and beating up on the Marlins is fun!

Let me first say, what’s up to all you Yankee fans! My name is John Ferraro, AKA Johnny Pinstripes.
I am the newest writer/contributor here on Talkin’ Yanks. I’ve been following Jomboy since the beginning of last season and it is great to be to joining the team in the early part of this 2018 Yankees campaign. I live and breathe Yankees baseball and I’m super excited for the opportunity to bring my own flair to this website. I love talking stats, but I realized that play-by play-game updates will get really repetitive.

My future blogs will be a little different than your average Yankees updates. Be sure to expect a little bit of everything – that means part Yankees news, part Yankees hot takes, and a little craziness and zesty spice all thrown into one. Gonna be cooking up a nice, hot bowl of Yankees soup! With that being said, let’s Talk Yanks!!

Woo! Yankees Baseball is fun again! After that “thrilling” 1 game series victory against the Tigers, we finally were able to play a damn baseball game. Living in New York City, I walked out of my apartment yesterday morning and wanted to punch something…maybe a wall…maybe a Red Sox fan…either one works. Why did I want to punch something you might ask? One word and one word only. RAIN. After two rained-out days in Detroit, this was the last thing I wanted to see on this Monday morning. Mondays already suck, come on Mother Nature.

My initial  thought was “shit, if our game gets rained out again, that must be some sort of record.” Seriously, three rained-out days in a row would have definitely been an omen for the 2018 Yankees – and probably not a good one. Thankfully, that morning rain cleared up early and gave us plenty of time to smack around the Marlins! And I was PUMPED.


(Note: No this isn’t me, but this basically my reaction for the duration of the game)

Ah the Marlins. What can you say about a team like the Miami Marlins? Their name might be the least impressive and least intimidating name in baseball. Might as well call them the Miami Dandelions, or the Puppies. I also am drafting up a petition to get the Marlins relegated to Triple-A because I feel like they will have a much better chance to win baseball games at that level.

It is also fitting that my first day at Talkin’ Yanks is against the team I grew up 30 minutes from. Thankfully, both of my parents are Yankee fans and they made sure my young naïve mind did not get caught up in that 2003 Marlins fever. Now I bleed Yankee blue until I die, but there is also a good chance that I would have been disowned and left on the streets if I didn’t don the pinstripes…So there I sat, back in Pro Player/Dolphins/Hard Rock stadium (whatever name it has now) during the 2003 World Series. I was front and center, in my #2 Captain jersey, for our Game 5 loss before that scumbag Josh Beckett beat us in our house in Game 6. But 9 year old me fully became a Yankees diehard at that time.

Anyways, Sevy was back to his dominant self before turning it over to a lights-out bullpen team of Warren, Shreve, and Dellin. Nothing warms my heart more than seeing Sevy out there striking out a bunch of scrubs. This game really was a walk in the park for him, as well as much-needed bounce back after that Red Sox game. Shreve gave up an unearned run but we can sweep that one under the rug. That’s just Shreve being Shreve..what are ya gonna do? It was also great we were able to keep guys like D-Rob and Chapman on the bench for a more important situation.

Let’s shift to the offense for a minute, shall we? MAN, the bats were on FIRE last night! That was a welcome sight to see. It was almost like a gorgeous ex-girlfriend taking us back after a moody, rainy, and depressing period in between. Hopefully, she (the offense, catch on guys) is here to stay.

Now, I need to take a special minute to talk about Judge and Didi. Holy shit, those two are so money right now.

They can do no wrong and at this point, I’m in a serious dilemma as to who I’m going to name my first-born son after. A couple weeks ago, I tweeted out that I would name my first-born child Didi, which seemed like a no-brainer, but how can I count out Judge after the way he has been playing?! Not to mention the fact that he has been my phone’s screensaver since last season. I obviously want both of these guys to keep up their performances, but listen up Aaron and Didi…

I need one of you guys to step up even more. Come on now. Make it a little easier for me to decide who to name my future kid after. The fate of his destiny rests in your hands, guys!

But I digress…the point is, these two men are destroying baseballs left and right. Two homers from Didi and one from Judge – you can’t get much better than that. Didi is also currently leading the team in home runs, which is somewhat surprising, but also great to see. The season is still young, but let’s see if he can keep pace with the mammoth power of Judge, Stanton, and Gary. Speaking of Gary, he finally seems to be breaking out of his slump! Stanton… ehh not so much. But our fans need to stop booing that monstrosity of a cyborg and give him a chance to find his groove. He will.



One more thing about the offense: Aaron Hicks continues to prove how valuable he is when healthy. I’m a huge Aaron Hicks guy, and I’m still pumped up after that inside the parker on Friday. Now, if he can just stay on the field and stop pulling a ‘Derrick Rose’ every so often, we will be golden.

This was the perfect game from our standpoint as Yankees fans. Personally, I got to just sit back, relax, and watch a good old fashioned ass kicking. It also gave me plenty of time to text all the Marlins fans in my contacts and mercilessly taunt them. Hey, what’s the fun in winning by 11 if you can’t get a little shit talking into the mix?

That’s my motto.

Anyways, happy to be a part of the Talkin’ Yanks team. Expect a lot of content from me in the future and let’s keep on winning Yanks!

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