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My first Yanks/Red Sox in person = GREAT SUCCESS

Wow. What a game last night. For those of you who didn’t know, I was in attendance at our massive dub over the Red Sux! My first ever Yankees-Red Sox game and it couldn’t have gone any better.

Drank some Goose Island IPAs.

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 12.48.30 PM

Had a ballpark dog. Even some custard in one of those little Yankees helmets. (Side note: Those ice cream helmets were a genius idea. Shout out to whoever came up with those. I’m low-key pissed off I forgot to bring my little helmet home)

The Stadium was POPPING last night – total playoff atmosphere. I haven’t seen our park that packed, in early May, in a long time.

There was also an extremely rowdy guy rocking a Pedroia shirt a few seats down from me. In the first two innings, I was mentally preparing myself for the potential situation where I would need to smack him upside the head.

I was totally channeling my inner Tyler Austin but luckily, for him, the dude settled down later on. I think he came to the realization that starting any conflicts was not in his best know, because he was totally and completely out-numbered…

Anyways, it was the perfect night to sit out and watch a game. The weather was ideal, not too hot and not too cold. Totally NSYNC


Okayyy, let’s get to the game action. Any idea where I’m going to start?


Not one, but two solo shots for the big guy tonight. The first one was a total laser to the left field seats. It went out of the park in the blink of eye.

Yes, that is one of the oldest clichés in the book, but it applies really well here. Mainly because I literally blinked and boom home run. One second I was in my seat, next second I was high-fiving a bunch of strangers.

The ball looked like it might hit off the wall at first, but then kept traveling and traveling…so basically what LeBron does on a regular basis.

Sorry for any LeBron fans out there, I had to go there.

So anyways, everybody’s favorite half-cyborg then went opposite field in his next at-bat. Two homers, one straight down left, the other going oppo to right! That is impressive.

It was also comforting to see Giancarlo ball out in person, especially since my first game at the Stadium this year was one of his 5 strikeout days.

Besides those Giancarlo shots, our bats were pretty quiet early on. Which gave Sevy a perfect opportunity to have a good old Sevy type of game. It wasn’t his best, but it was still pretty damn good:

6 IP, 6 hits, 2 ER, 0 walks, 11 STRIKEOUTS. ELEVEN. Now, that is the stat to keep in mind. That was his second straight game of 10 or more strikeouts this year, and his best of the season so far.

LET’S GO SEVY. That man is striking out more than a guy who lives in his parents’ basement at 45.

No offense if you fall under that category. I would just assume that you strike out more trying to get laid. Just a guess though!

That past ball by Gary was tough, but all’s well that ends well. It also kinda sucks that Sevy didn’t get the win, after the runner he was responsible for ended up scoring when D-Rob came in.

But still, great start by him. Besides that one start back in Boston, Sevy has been straight money.

Call him Sevy Ventura, Pet Detective, because that man is an ACE, no question about it.(but we already knew that)

And he’s coming for that Cy Young!

Yes, it is early, but he is poised and ready to bounce. Like a lion on an unsuspecting gazelle. Yeah, I watch Animal Planet sometimes, I know things!

So with the game tied, the new Mr. Clutch came up to the plate…



I tweeted something similar from the Talkin’ Yanks account, while literally jumping up and down and cheering. I was sitting in between first base and the foul pole, so that Walker double bounced right in my direction.

The place was going CRAZY when he ripped that two-bagger. Neil, keep it up with the big hits man. Be sure to sprinkle in a few of those walks we love so much too. Don’t forget your bread and butter now that you’re a big shot!

After the Walker double, Gleyber and Gardy had signature Walker at-bats (walks if you weren’t catching on) and then the Sox brought in Joe Kelly.

Joe fuckin’ Kelly.

When he walked out of the bullpen, the entire stadium exploded in boos – loudest boos of the night and obviously well deserved. Fuck that guy.

He has quickly risen to near the top of my current most hated Red Sox players. Keep it up Joe, ya douchebag, and you might secure a place in the pantheon of most hated Red Sox players.

It would be quite an honor but, in order to get there, you would need to hit some more of our players…keep that in mind…do you really want to get your ass kicked again by Judge, Tyler, and Giancarlo? I don’t think so…

Speaking of Judge, he drove Walker home on a line drive single! ALSO, I forgot to mention, his laser throw from the right field corner to prevent a Vasquez double in the 3rd. Threw it ON A ROPE!

But back to the 7th…Walker scored on the big knock by Judge, but then Gleyber got nailed at the plate…come on! That was clearly a rookie mistake, so it’s tough to get really mad at the kid. Probably can blame Phil Nevin, more-so.

I didn’t even see it happen! I was too busy celebrating and high-fiving the guys in my section for the Judge hit, it took me a minute to realize Gleyber got nailed.

But Judge did his job! As he always does…because Aaron Judge is the man. And suchhh a physical specimen. I have seen him in person a bunch of times now, but it still shocks me to actually behold that Goliath of a man. What a guy, what a guy…

Chad Green shut the Boston bats down in the 8th and then we got to bring in the heater. The flame-thrower. The fire-breather…okay, that last one is a stretch, but it was CHAPMAN TIME.

Chappie got two quick out but, in classic Chappie fashion, he hit Jackie Bradley before getting the final out. Is it a real Chappie save, without getting a man or two on? It honestly isn’t, but I wish he could cut that out.

I was having a mini-heart attack when I saw Mookie Betts in the on-deck circle. Aroldis, for the safety of your fans’ hearts, please throw in a few 1-2-3 close-outs in the future.

We would greatly appreciate it…

All in all, another HUGE WIN. Great night to be at the Stadium and an incredible first Yankee-Red Sox game in person, for me. Hoping to see many more in the future!

We have now won 16 OF 17!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

We’re more on fire than Elmo!


We’ve also won SEVEN in a row, so let’s keep it going tonight, boys! Tanaka on the bump, let’s win this series! Happy Tanaka Wednesday!

As always, LET’S GO YANKS

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