Monty is Getting Tommy John Surgery and Well That’s a Bummer

This sucks. We all expected this to be the scenario back in May when he was taken out of the game after 1 inning pitched. I was prepared for this news then. Today, I was not prepared for this news and that makes it hurt more.


Watching Monty develop as a starter was one of the small things I was really excited about this season. I loved what he did last year as a rookie. It seemed like he had a lot of room to grow too. I wanted to watch him master his command, get the curve more consistent and continue to escape jams. Now I may have to wait until 2020 to see that? That sucks. Booo.


I don’t want to forget about Jordan Montgomery. I will. As I am typing this I know that I will. The Yankees season will carry on. Next year will carry on. He won’t be around and I will forget about him. It will be “oh yeah, Monty is still on the team.”


And most importantly, fuck Chris Sale. Monty needs Tommy John after a handful of starts in his second year but that slender sling- armed fucks elbow is fine? Bullshit.


At least this puts an end to the “is getting out of a jam a skill” debated between Jake and me on Talkin Yanks. That’s some of the worst radio out there.

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