Let’s keep beating the Jays!

Okay, this is going to be my first doubleheader recap. After that ugly loss last night, I decided to wait and write this after our day game today. I was praying I would have something more positive to talk about and boom I was right.

So really quick, let’s get the bad recap out of the way. Sonny Gray needs to get it together – the man has been super subpar and it is time for him to figure his shit out. Come on, Sonny! You’re not on the horrible A’s anymore…wait…that honestly could be the problem here.

There is a very real possibility that Sonny is still suffering from PTSD for all those seasons he spent with the Athletics. Every time he takes the mound, he gets flashbacks to that sorry excuse of a franchise. Sonny, if this is the problem, I feel your pain. But, please, pitch better.

The bullpen didn’t do anything to stop the bleeding after Sonny exited the game, and our offense was quiet after the first 5 runs. It was clearly tough to keep pace with the Jays, so we’ll just chalk it up as wasted effort.

But before I switch over to today’s MUCH happier game, let’s talk about the homers last night! First off, Tyler Austin went deep in the 2nd! He’s batting .283 right now and while I hope we see Greg Bird soon, old Ty is holding things down so far. Keep it up!



It was great to see you blast an opposite field dinger and (hopefully) start working out of your slump. I have said this time and time again. Giancarlo Stanton is not fully human. He is part-human and part-monstrous and powerful cyborg – think Terminator.

Terminator Stanton will return in full-force very very soon. It is only a matter of time. He is a cyborg after all – he just needs a little re-programming and maybe a system update and he should be good to go! Maybe we could just restart his circuits? Kind of like when a person restarts their frozen IPhone. Just an idea…

Last point from yesterday’s game is the continued rise of Miguel Andujar. People shouted for the Yankees to call him up and wow, he has arrived. Another HR in this series and, don’t worry, I’ll go back to him for today’s game.


Today’s game was FUN! It felt amazing to beat the shit out of Toronto. I hate you, Blue Jays. After Thursday’s close 4-3 win and yesterday’s loss, it was time for our offense to fully explode and take over a game.

Aaron. Judge. Who the hell are you? You have currently taken the lead in your battle against Didi for “who I’m going to name my son after.” But seriously, this man exceeds my expectations every night.

He’s like that overachiever you knew in elementary school who would get 100s on all his tests. Now the kid I’m describing was annoying to everyone else, but as long as we have the “annoying overachiever” on our baseball team in the form of #99, I’m all for it.

But seriously, Judge is exactly like that kid in school who people would HATE. He would get those 100s and then somehow convince the teacher to give him a 101 every now and then because he knew the capital of Paraguay was Asuncion. Or some weird shit like that.

(and yes, I googled the capital of Parguay. How the hell would I know that? The whole conversation in my head was “John, think up the most random country possible and then google their capital.” Easy)

Didi continued being Didi with a RBI single and I’m going to leave it at that. I thank Brian Cashman every day for pulling a goddamn rabbit out of his hat and making Didi appear by getting rid of Shane Greene! HAHAHAHA. Shane Greene is such a scrub

And now we have arrived at CALL UP ANDUJAR. Holy shit dude, you are amazing. This man rocked a 3-run double to blow this game wide open and I am truly happy to be on his bandwagon.

Migual Andújar – He can DÚ It!!

He is our future third baseman until he really proves that he is not. But shhh. He is

Now, hopefully, Boone won’t bench him tomorrow because…that has seemed to be Boone’s gameplan after one of these young studs has a big game. “Oh you had a lot of RBIs and some big hits? Okay, take three days off! See you then!” CUT THAT SHIT OUT, BOONE. Say two words over and over. Play Andujar.

I will quickly say that Monty pitched a classic ‘good Monty’ game and that is all we need from him. Having good, solid, dependable Monty at the back-end of the rotation is something extremely valuable. Like the Chipotle across the street from my new apartment.

It will never be my go-to meal, but when I’m a little tired of eating NYC Chinese food and pizza, I can always go back to dependable Monty/Chipotle on a random Sunday in July!

I’m going to stop here because it is just about 9 PM and I’m feeling very tempted to get extremely drunk to celebrate the Yankee W.

One last thing….it is happening, guys. He’s coming.


The FUTURE will be here. tomorrow…. Gleyber ‘motherfuckin’ Torres is here ladies and gents. Oh baby, buckle up. Seeing Andujar and Gleyber in the same game together might have me faint quicker than a girl at a One Direction concert.

Shout out good old Jack Curry for breaking the news!


Cannot WAIT for tomorrow’s game. Sevy on the bump, let’s win this series! AND LET’S GO YANKS! And Gleyber. And Boone, who hopefully will not rest Andujar.

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