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Keep on rollin’ with the wins!

Don’t look now, baseball…here come the Yankees!


All those dumb haters who wrote us off after the first couple weeks are, first of all, so stupid. But we already know that. Obviously, we were gonna snap out of that slump – we’re the damn Yankees.

Man, it feels good to rip off a nice, little winning streak right here. We have, literally, been beating up on the Twins my entire life. I was around 15-16 years old when we smacked them around in the 2009 ALDS. Remember the Tex walk-off?!

Well, in case you don’t, here it is – I got you, guys


And then, of course, was last year’s great comeback in the Wild Card game.

Hold on, real quick, I’m about to switch into ‘nerd mode’ and make a Greek mythology reference. Some of you might have already clicked off this article the second I said the word ‘mythology’, but I’ll take that risk.

The Twins losing to us is just like that dude Sisyphus, who is forced to roll a stone up a hill, for all of eternity, and have it constantly fall back down the second he makes it to the top. That is the same, never-ending fate of those Canadian doppelgängers from the Twin Cities.

Okay, I’m out of nerd mode. Also, I bet nobody has ever heard about a person from Greek mythology being referred to as “that dude”. I like to keep things real, don’t hate.

Sooo, who was responsible for that comeback in the WC game last year? Oh yeah, DIDI.

Andddd, who balled out again for us last night? Same guy? Big surprise! Seriously though, I apologize for getting repetitive with these game recaps

Didi is making me say the same stuff over and over again! “Didi hits a home run, Didi helps us win, Didi is amazing!” Yes, all of that happened again – and all of it is true…again!


Oh, Didi – do you maybe want to share the wealth and let some other guys steal the show?! My blog is suffering because you keep taking over games and stuffing the stat sheet!

By the way, I want to beat the shit out of everyone at the MLB Network for saying Didi wasn’t a Top 10 shortstop in this league…are you guys fucking kidding me?


Didi Gregorious not even making the top 10 here is the biggest injustice in any list ever created



Everyone who made that damn list should be fired immediately. Or banished to some uncharted island. Or be forced to listen to Rebecca Black’s ‘hit’ (lol) song Friday, every day for the rest of their lives. Yeah, I like that last punishment – seems pretty fair to me.

By the way, Didi, I am totally joking about telling you to share the wealth. Keep it up!

Anyways, last night wasn’t just the Didi Show…I cannot forget GARY. Two home runs for that big ol’ teddy bear. Seriously, I think “Build-A-Bear” workshop should make a Gary Bear. It would sell, trust me! Wait…does “Build-A-Bear” even exist anymore? Honestly, I have no clue..

(side note: it does. I googled it right after)

A few more quick recaps – Aaron Judge is on a TEAR. I would absolutely love to see him and Didi go on an MVP battle for this whole season

Aaron Judge literally is not a human being. Thinking back to analysts saying he might not make it in the Bigs is so damn laughable now.

Gleyber! First RBI of his career – the first of many, kid!

Big man CC getting his first win of the year! I love that man. I hope he never fully retires…can we just keep him as a 6th starter for the next 10 years or so? Just have him start like 5 games a season. Or save him for the playoffs!

Or let him pull the Juwan Howard-Miami Heat move and have him join the coaching staff as soon as he retires. I always need some CC in my life.


Do it again tonight? Let’s do it!


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