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Houston, we do not have a problem…but you do!

Hey, Houston!

Thanks for hosting us, that was a lot of fun! By the way, we also want to say thanks for showing us your new World Series banner! Very cool! Remind us, the next time you’re in town, to show you our 27 banners! They’re pretty cool too! Okay, talk to ya later!


The Yankees

HAHA. I thought I’d start off this piece with a nice little letter to the gracious Houston Astros, for hosting us as we beat them 3 out of 4 in their house! We have now won 12 of our last 13! MASSIVE series win yesterday! And it was a roller-coaster game, to say the least.

Felt like a trip on the Hulk coaster at Islands of Adventure – now that’s a wild ride. Maybe, Dueling Dragons? Before they sold out and got taken over by Harry Potter World, smh. Goddamn sell-outs. Anyways….

Like I said, up-and-down, back-and-forth game yesterday afternoon. Any cliché you want to throw out there can be applied to that game. But, all that matters is we came away with another dub!

We swept the Angels and then won 3/4 in Houston. A 7-1 road trip isn’t just good. It’s fucking amazing!! I don’t have to tell you how good of a team the Astros are (despite me taunting them, yes they are a great team), but the Angels aren’t one to take lightly either…

And we beat the living daylights out of both of them! Wait…I’ve been saying that phrase for years, but what the hell does it mean? “Living daylights”? What..

Is daylight out here living its best life? Until someone comes around and beats the shit out of it? I’m so confused…maybe darkness is the one doing the beating? That could actually work…


Darkness beats the living daylights out of daylight, then it becomes nighttime?? OHH, I get it now!


(hope you guys enjoyed my random stream of inner thoughts, mixed in with this recap)
Butttt, let’s get back to talkin some Yanks (see what I did there)

We jumped off to a 3-0 lead, thanks to some guys at the bottom of the order! LOVE THAT! It’s great seeing the whole team contribute, not just the usual suspects of Judge, Didi, Gary, and Giancarlo.

So, Lil’ Toe got a RBI infield single, Gleyber drove in 1 on a sac fly, and then Neil “Luke Sky” Walker had a RBI single the next inning.

Side note: Neil was looking a little more comfortable at the plate, which is a very welcome site. He has been god awful, so I really hope he continues some solid hitting.

Now we had this 3-0 lead, Tanaka looked like “locked-in Tanaka,” and it appeared as if we were gonna be cruising all day – a nice casual afternoon game…NOT

I was busy at work, in and out of meetings, so I felt pretty comfortable looking away for a bit. But then, it all went to shit…

In the 7th, Tanaka gave up two singles and then plunked Bregman, before getting pulled for Chad Green – was hoping Chad could shut em down. He didn’t.

They scored 4 in the 7th, and then Correa made it 5 with a solo shot in the 8th.

At this point, my phone notified me we were down 5-3, while I was in a meeting. It took a lot of willpower to not shout out loud, or throw my phone against a wall…okay okay, I wouldn’t have done that. But I was still sad and angry..

Thankfully, that didn’t last! THE COMEBACK KIDS!

We rallied to get the bases loaded in the 9th, for Gleyber “The Rookie Phenom Sensation/Dancing Parter of Didi” Torres! And he knocked in 2 runs with a big-time single! GLEYBERRR – what a clutch knock. This kid is big time and he’s only 21..wow that’s crazy. Seeing these kids like Gleyber and Miggy perform at such a high level, so soon, is truly amazing to watch.

Anyways, it was 5-5 and then Mr. Big Time himself, Aaron Judge, knocked in the go-ahead run with a fielder’s choice. Nothing special, just driving the run in.

Aaron doesn’t need to crush a ball 500 feet every game (but it sure would be fun). He just needs to knock those runs in!

Then, of course, Chappie came in for the save, and had a classic Chappie performance. You know what I’m talking ’bout.

Strike a guy out with the heat, but get a couple guys on, then strike out more guys. That is what Chapman does – he isn’t always known for going 1-2-3, but it is super fun to see him lock in after giving up a few baserunners

Watching this guy compose himself, and make up for his mistakes, is fantastic. Chappie, keep on bringing the heat!


Amazing series win! 3 out of 4 against the World Champs feels pretty damn good.

Now we start a 3 game spot back at home! BACK IN THE NEW YORK GROOVE.

The Indians are coming into town, before we face off with Boston at home. I’m going to Game 1 vs the Sox next week and I am so damn pumped.

So let’s keep the good vibes running throughout this weekend series against Cleveland. Let’s keep on winning!


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