Gleyber keeps playing UNREAL baseball and wow, it’s fun to watch!

Gleyber, Gleyber, Gleyber.

How is a 21-year old this goddamn good? It blows my mind, seeing this guy exceed expectations almost every single night. Normally it takes some time for players to develop the “clutch gene.”

But Gleyber? I think this kid was born with it. Or, maybe he just got a “Buy one, Get one free” discount on Levi’s a few years ago (see what I did there LMAO).


Or maybe Jerry finally got these jeans off Kramer and gave them to Gleyber? That is definitely a possible scenario.

But for real, I know that I always say “Gleyber is unreal,” but it is so true! He is unreal. He is has been so good, so quickly and I never know how to eloquently explain it. Sometimes, ya just have to kick back and enjoy the show. Because “The Gleyber Show” is easily the best new show on TV.

But before we talk more about TV’s newest superstar, let’s recap!

Domingo Germán….

Germán is easily one of the most polarizing figures on our team. He has shown flashes of really great pitching, but many times his bad moments have severely outweighed his good ones.

During his last start against the Mets, he gave up 3 runs in the first before settling in and pitching shutout ball for the rest of his outing. Halting the runs at 3 gave us a chance to get back in the game, get the win, and give Germán a No Decision.

He’s honestly got a little bit of Tanaka in him: a lot of talent and skill, but they are horrible in their first inning of work. But, after usually getting a feel for the game, they seem to settle into a groove.

Last night was no different, as Matt Duffy knocked a leadoff pitch from Germán over the fence for a 1-0 lead…Jeez, Domingo. That quickly?

I didn’t even get to sit down in my chair and fully enjoy the burrito I was about to eat! We were losing before I even got to take a bite! COME ON DOMINGO.


Thanks, Gob.

Sooo, yeah. We started off losing. Great.

And we couldn’t do much offensively against Blake Snell…even better!

We actually were able to load the bases in the second, thanks to a double by Miggy and walks to Tyler Austin and Lil Toe. Unfortunately, Neil “Doesn’t Always Walk” Walker, in fact, did not walk. Or get a hit. He struck out.

See, he doesn’t always walk! Whoa.

The Rays were able to jump out to a 2-0 lead in the following inning, due to a RBI single, but thankfully Giancarlo was able to nail a potential third run at the plate. To be fair, Giancarlo The Terminator misplayed the ball from the beginning, but he made up for it.

Tampa held this 2-0 lead for the next few innings. Domingo settled into groove, in classic Tanaka fashion, and kept the lead in check. He kept things in order until our bats could came to bail him out in the 5th…

Let’s start with another polarizing member of the 2018 Yankees…AARON HICKS


A nice opposite field shot by Hicksy was able to cut the Rays’ lead in half, REAL QUICK.

The other Aaron, also known as the man, the myth, the legend, Aaron Judge, followed up the Hicks at-bat with a line drive single. After a Giancarlo strike-out and a Gary walk, there were 2 men on base. For Gleyber “How good is this kid?! Really good” Torres.

And what does he do??! I alluded to it earlier…but he did…THIS.



^^^This is almost identical to what I tweeted last night. It seems like a pretty fair reaction, no?

Like Gary in 2016, and Judge last year, Gleyber is continuing to shatter every expectation possible for a Yankees rookie. It really is remarkable getting to watch this kid, night in and night out.

He didn’t start the season in the big leagues, which clearly inspired him to work as hard as possible to reach his goals. It certainly didn’t take long for him to get called up and make an impact. Also, saying that he has proven the naysayers wrong is a HUGE understatement.

He is AMAZING. Sooo fun to watch.

Okay, I’ll halt my Gleyber love fest right there. But I bet that you guys share in my agreement about #25.

Gleyber’s moonshot gave us a 4-2 lead! Domingo gave up a 3rd run in the 6th, but held the scoring right there.

This turned out to be his last inning of work and his stat-line concluded as such:

6 IP, 5 hits, 3 ER, 2 walks, 10 K’s. Once again, not very good, but also not bad. Those 10 strikeouts are honestly very impressive. The 3 runs is obviously the problem.

Domingo, just keep the runs in check and you have the potential to be a great pitcher!

I honestly believe in this guy. He’s still really young. He just needs time.

We weren’t able to score any more runs in the last 3 innings, but, thankfully, our bullpen shut the damn door on any chance of a Rays comeback.


Chad Green pitched a shutout 7th. Then, Dellin continued his “I’M BACK” tour by pitching a great inning of his own. 0 ER, 2 strikeouts.

Fuck a jinx. Sometimes I’m superstitious, but I’m pretty confident in saying that Dellin is fully back. He is definitely due to give up a run or two in the future, but this guy is dialed in like “Old Dellin.” We needed you back, Old Dellin.

Glad to have you back on board.

In the 9th, Chappie DID NOT have a Classic Chappie performance…again! For those keeping score, this is his 2nd outing in a row where he didn’t walk a guy, hit a guy, OR give up a base hit!

LET’S GO CHAPPIE! A 1-2-3 9th inning for his 19th save of the year!

A 4-3 WIN!!

Great win, guys. Tonight, we finally get to see a possible star pitcher for us in the future, make his debut.

Jonathan Loáisiga. AKA JOHNNY LASANGA.

Very excited to see this guy begin his career. Let’s start it off with a nice W!



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