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Gifs and Videos from the Wild Card Game

What a game. What a relief. That was awesome. 

I was going crazy last night during the game. Churning out as much content as I could for fear it would be the last time I would be able to. 

  • pregame show with Jake
  • tweets
  • gifs
  • videos
  • reactions
  • highlight vids
  • Post Game podcast

In case you missed it, and because things get lost very easily on twitter, I am going to put all the best vids and gifs right here. Easier to find for everyone. 

Thanks to everyone that follows along. I truly love doing this. I love making content that people enjoy. Last night was a blast. 





We recapped the game. Gave all our thoughts and opinions and everything we could possibly say. Go check that out and relive the game one more time before we move on to Boston. 

You can listen on iTunes, Spotify, or whatever podcast app you use. 



As always you can find all of the gifs I make here. These are my top 5 from the night. 



 I am Luis. Hear me roar. 



And I am Louis! Hear me roar!



So that's what he meant when he said he feels bad for the baseball.



Hech! What a grab by Hech. What a grab by Cash. What a move by Boone.



 We gonna have some fun this October big guy?



Live reaction of the Judge home run.  



Live reaction of Sevy getting out of that jam. Bases loaded. Homer gives them a two-run lead. Single ties it. Scary as shit. 



Live reaction of the Voit triple.  


Yankees win + slowmo + JCole.  



Lil Wayne - Let it Fly  



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