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GARY! GERMÁN! Oh, and Ken Giles is a psycho


That is exactly the kind of game we will need to win in October. LET’S GOO

Wow. That game had a playoff-like atmosphere and it was amazing to watch. These series’ with the Astros, from last year on, are really going to be something awesome to look back on in future years. But enough of potential reminiscing in the future…hmmm, where should I start?

Monty. I really hope you’re okay, guy. Seeing your starting pitcher leave the game after 7 pitches, in Houston against the Astros, vs Verlander, is literally the LAST thing you would want to see.

Like when its 5:01 and your boss says “Can you stay late today?”…or when you’re filling up your cup and the keg’s steady stream starts to wither away…or when you’re eating a delicious bowl of ice cream and you start to see the bottom of the container.

All horrible things…

Anyways, losing Monty right away sucked. Boone immediately put in Domingo Germán and nobody really knew what to expect. The kid has shown flashes of potential in the past, but he is still very young, unproven, and unpredictable.

But holy fuckin shit…DOMINGO GERMÁN. You balled out!


He completely shut down the Astros’ juggernaut lineup for the next 4 innings, going toe-to-toe with a future Hall of Famer in Verlander – I’ll get to Verlander a little later.

Germán finished with a stat line of 4 hits, 1 walk, 4 K’s, and 0 runs in 4 innings! This was MASSIVE. Germán, obviously, wasn’t in line for the win, but he was, without question, the unsung hero of that game.

That game could have been blown wide open when Monty left. The Astros were chomping at the bit, ready to strike, like a giant Doberman licking his chops at a piece of steak…but Germán was the dog owner who said “no, boy! You don’t get this steak”. (Yes, that’s a solid analogy, don’t criticize).

After Germán turned it over to the rest of the ‘pen, Chad Green, Betances, and D-Rob were also locked in, keeping pace with Verlander’s shut out.

It took 5 total pitchers (including Monty) of ours, to match up to Kate Upton’s boy toy. Jeez, he was amazing. 8 innings, 3 hits, and 14 STRIKEOUTS. What the fuhhh

It’s like we were swinging with goddamn broom handles instead of bats.

Side note: You know what I’ve come to realize? Justin Verlander is the Tom Brady of baseball – the man just has at it all. It took him a while to get that WS ring, but he has one now.

Both of these lucky bastards have a ring (or multiple in Pretty Boy Tom’s case), an MVP (or multiple in the Ugg’s models case), and a supermodel wife (contrary to popular opinion, Tom only has one of these, not multiple). They are 100% living the ideal lives of pro athletes.

Wow, I’ve ranting for a while. Sorry guys, this is a definitely a much longer post than recent ones, but I have a lot to say. I haven’t even gotten to Mr. Teddy Bear, himself


Of course, he was the winner of the “Break the Shut Out” contest. After Giancarlo looked like such a scrub, swinging at a ball for strike 3, Gary strutted up to the play. The man has swag, first and foremost.

Then…first pitching swinging, whack! To DEEP center-field…that ball is going, going, SEE YA. BOOOOOOM.

Just like that, we jumped out to 3-0 lead in the top of the 9th. Gary Sanchez, you will never cease to amaze me.

Since 2016 when he broke onto the scene, this man has been shattering more expectations than Loyola in the NCAA Tourney. Some may argue the other way, but oh well.

Teddy Bear Gar, is the definition of clutch. Man, you feel good when this dude walks up to the plate. No matter the situation, Gary’s got it covered.

Oh and I don’t know how you feel about bat flips, but Gary’s was amazing. And soo appropriate for a home run like this in Houston.


I’ll try and wrap everything up now. Chappie came in and shut down the ‘Stros 1-2-3. He struck out the side because Aroldis Chapman is back in a HUGE way this year. 1.38 ERA, the man has been money.

Before I sign off, it is time to talk about Ken Giles…holy shit, what a pyscho. And not in the fun “Didi’s a lunatic because he mashes the ball” kind of way.

Ken Giles is deranged. After getting pulled in the 9th, he responded by yelling a lot (normal) and then proceeding to punch himself in the face. PUNCH HIMSELF IN THE FACE (not normal). We actually made a man hit himself!

In case you were living under a rock last night, here it is. (I’ve lost count how many times I have watched this haha)


He wound up and socked himself…I’m still in shock about this. Yeah, it was hilarious, but how does that go through one’s mind?!

Whenever I’ve been angry, there have been times I have wanted to punch something – but never myself LOL. Like come onnnn, Giles get it together. Here was my own tweet and take on the situation. I guess our bats are just that good.


In closing, what a game! I think this was also my longest article since I joined the Talkin’ Yanks team. No it for sure was.

All in all, this was a great bounce back win after our first loss in a while. We have now won 10/11 and we’re back to rollin and rollin!

Let’s keep that going tonight! We have a classic match-up on our hands tonight, guys. These two didn’t face off in the ALCS last year, but there’s a very good chance we could see this battle in this year’s playoffs.

Luis Severino vs. Dallas Keuchel: LET’S GO SEVY


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