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Game 4 Rays Recap: Thursday September 27: 12-1 WIN: Nice Beatdown to Say Goodbye to the Trop for 2018

Who doesn't love a 12-1 smackdown?

Stupid question right?

NOW, who doesn't love a 12-1 smackdown, at the Trop?

I love it even more. Because FUCK THE TROP.

Finally, after a season-long struggle at this hellhole of a baseball stadium, we emerged victorious. Our luxurious team airplane soared away from the Tampa area with 3/4 series win and a 12-1 destruction on Thursday afternoon.

With those pesky Athletics nipping at our heels like a pack of menacing junkyard dogs, this was a nice confidence booster victory. For real. 

And I'm not talking about the Always Sunny situation when they tried to get a junkyard dog, but ended up with a junkyard cat named Agent Jake Bauer.

The A's = fierce junkyard dogs. 

Okay, okay, I'm totally bullshitting all of this. 

But my point is: We needed a big win, we got one. 

CC, in maybe his last regular season start as a Yankee (as I try to hold back my tears) gave a great performance.

5 IP, 1 hits, 0 ER, 0 walks, 5 Ks.

"Great performance" is an understatement. CC fucking KILLED IT.

And what's even more badass? If he pitched 7 innings, he would have been rewarded a 500 Grand bonus. An extra $500,000 big ones is real nice.

But CC didn't reach that mark - why?

Because he might be the best teammate in baseball history. 

Now, here's the quick rundown: CC hit a guy in the 5th. Not intentional. You could clearly see it wasn't.

The Rays pitcher, Andrew Kittredge, responded by throwing a ball RIGHT at Romine's head. Not fucking cool. Romine avoided it, thankfully.

CC immediately jumped out of the dugout, in classic Carsten Charles fashion.

So what did CC do next inning? Hit the first batter he saw. 




He was promptly ejected, forfeiting that bonus he could have secured...and his response as he walked off the mound?



THAT'S FOR YOU, BITCH. Definitely directed at that asshole, Kittredge.

What a fucking teammate. I love CC. Would be so sad to see him go, if this is his last year with us. 

Anyways, he was incredible on the mound yesterday. Besides his amazing teammate actions.

And in this nice blowout game, we were able to rely on some of the lesser of the bullpen arms.

Lesser can describe Cessa, who pitched the 6th-8th innings, giving up a solo shot.

But Johnny Lasanga is certainly not going to be a pitcher considered "lesser" for his whole career. That's for sure. The kid is young - give him time.

He pitched a shutout 9th inning.

Now for the fun offense!!

A wild pitch in the first inning scored Gardy, who had walked previously. Then, Luke and Giancarlo were on base for Miggy.



BABA BOOEY. Sorry, I just really wanted to say that. 



4-0 lead.

We didn't score again until the 4th, where we tacked on a Row Row Row You Boat RBI single, a What a Guy, What a Guy (Judge) sac fly, and a #MYFirstBaseman RBI double. 7-0.

After Ro Ro got a ball fired at his head, our offense sparked back up again in the 6th. Gardy had a RBI triple scoring Hech, Judge had his second sac fly, and then we got the two super-jacked guys...









And then, GIANCARLOOO AGAIN! Our boy crushed two dingers yesterday, just for good measure.

All of this resulted in the 12-1 annihilation of Tampa. Nice way to end the season series.

Tonight begins our final regular season series of the season. Shit, this season flew by. And we're going up against Boston...

If we win tonight, we clinch home field for the WC game. If Oakland loses, the same scenario would transpire.

But, fuck it. Let's win this shit and clinch on our terms.

Let's get it!


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