Game 3 Tigers Recap: Saturday September 1: 2-1 WIN: All We Needed were 2 hits, a 2 Run Bomb by Gleyber, and a Dominant #TanakaSaturday Performance - Jomboy Media

Game 3 Tigers Recap: Saturday September 1: 2-1 WIN: All We Needed were 2 hits, a 2 Run Bomb by Gleyber, and a Dominant #TanakaSaturday Performance

This game had A LOT less action than Friday night's contest. That actually might be understatement of the year. 

When you get 2 hits and still get a 2-1 win, you know that your pitcher must have been doing something right. 

And that is 100% true for our boy, Masahiro! Who knew that #TanakaSaturday was going to be coming out in FULL EFFECT.

This man pitched a gem, his lone run coming off a sac fly in the first. He didn't even give up one his classic solo shots! Whoa.

7 IP, 7 hits, 1 ER, 1 Walk, 6 Ks.

Give yourself a round of applause, Masa!

There ya go, buddy. Just look at that winning smile. 


Andrew McCutchen was in the building - let's fucking go. And Gary Sanchez has returned from his injury - let's REALLY fucking go.



And look at this guy embracing his first roll call from the Creatures.


 Not to mention, he was looking pretty damn smooth out there in right.


Okay, okay. I'll table my McCutchen love fest for another day. The point is, I was psyched to have him join the team. 

As I was saying above, Tanaka pitched an absolute gem. HOWEVER (yes, that is the Stephen A. voice, you're catching on!), it was looking more and more like we would spoil his awesome pitching performance.

We were scoreless, and hitless, and fucking walk-less, during the first 4 innings. Translation: Norris was throwing a perfect game against us.

Finally, in the 5th, we squeaked out the only 2 runs that were necessary on this fine Saturday afternoon. 

After potential Rookie of the Year, Miggy Andújar walked, fellow potential Rookie of the Year, Gleyber Torres, strutted to the plate. (Yes, there was a Gary walk in between, but that is very trivial)



What a big hit by our 21 year old stud. Love it. 

You want to hear something funny? The only other base hit we got was a measly infield single by Hicks in the 6th. Other than that, our bats were ding-dong-DEAD. But, we got all that we needed!

After Masa's day was done, Holder pitched a shutout 8th, followed by Good Dellin notching a nice save!

For all you haters that were criticizing Dellin after Thursday night, he showed you! This was a big move by Boonie, to give our guy another chance to prove himself in the closer role.

Dellin is great. Old/Good Dellin is fully back. One minor fuck-up does not mean he should be totally ostracized or vilified. It was great to see him bounce back.

That was that. 2-1 dub. Nothing flashy, but a good solid win.

I'll take it.

Stay tuned for the final Tigers recap, coming at ya soon!

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