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Game 3 Royals Recap: Saturday G2 July 28: 5-4 WIN: Greg and Neil (HUH?!) lead the rally!

Oh, wow. If we lost both games of this doubleheader, that would have fucking sucked.

Down 4-3 in the 8th, I’ll admit, I was being extremely pessimistic. But can you blame me? Getting swept in a day-night doubleheader to the Royals would have been HORRIBLE. Yes, I know we step up against great teams, but still…it would have sucked.

I wouldn’t have exactly pulled a Tommen Baratheon


BUT it would have been a sad, sad night.

CC didn’t finish out his signature 5 innings, but he still was pretty solid:

4.2 IP, 6 hits, 2 ER, 2 walks, 8 K’s.

Our scoring began with a Miggy Andújar RBI single and a Neil “He still isn’t walking” sac fly. A Salvy Pérez homer cut our lead in half, before a Shane Robinson homer!

Wait, what?!

That’s even a bigger HUH?! than Neil Walker helping us come back to get the win.

But welcome to the homer parade, Sugar Shane! We probably won’t see you again, but it was fun while it lasted.

We also got some vintage Sterling.

And tweeted about Shane twice in one day – I, for one, was shocked…

Loading the bases in the 5th and walking in a run, Boonie had to pull CC – you know he wasn’t happy.

If Boone wasn’t his manager, Big C would definitely have been waiting for him in the parking lot to kick his ass. Guaranteed. Shout out Happy Gilmore.


Holder came in and got the last out of the 5th, because that is what Holder does nowadays. He ended up tacking an earned run onto his stat sheet, however, thanks to a stranded man while Chad Green pitched.

And then Zach Britton came in and looked totally spooked. Like he saw a ghost. Or maybe Gabe from The Office. 


Both are terrifying sights.

After getting two quick outs, Britton gave up a double, infield single, and then walked the next two batters. For you guys who aren’t math whizzes, that means he walked in a run.


Now, we were losing 4-3. Fuck.

And this was around the time of my peak sadness.

We needed a spark…and that spark came in the form of Greg fuckin’ Bird.



Say what you will about my pal, Greggy – yes, he can be inconsistent and very streaky…

But, one thing is true. The man is clutch as fuck when it matters the most. What shot.

4-4 tie.

Right after the Greg homer, Neil Walker ripped a double! What is going on?!

I don’t know, but I like it!

And then Romine tried to bunt him over to third, but ended up being safe at first too! What really is going on?!

Hicksy eventually hit Neil home on a sac fly and we took the 5-4 lead!

The inning before, Dellin pitched a shutout 8th.

Now Chappie was coming in to shut the damn door on these fucking Royals.

He gave up a single because that is Classic Chappie, but nothing like his atrocity against the Mets – he got his 27th save of the year and that was that.

5-4 win!


Stay tuned for the final game of the Royals series, coming at ya soon!

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