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Game 3 Red Sox Recap: Saturday August 3: 4-1 Loss: New Day. Same Losing Score. Same Sadness

Friday night was a 4-1 loss. So, what did we get on Saturday afternoon? The same exact thing! A 4-1 loss. Shit.

Well, I guess you have to give us some props for consistency, huh?

I hope you all know that I am joking when I say that. Because, ONCE AGAIN, we had a pretty solid pitching performance and yet were unable to score runs.

We literally got shut out this entire game. We got a nice pity run in the top of the 9th, thanks to a RBI double by Didi. 

But we got dominated by a Red Sox starter again - this time, it was our old friend Nathan Eovaldi? Ironic right? 

My mom called me up from Florida and asked me "didn't we have this guy before?"

Yes, mom, we did. And seeing him wreck us on Saturday was not fun. At all. 

One of the lone bright spots from Saturday afternoon was the Major League debut of Chance Adams! And, shockingly, he gave us the best start of the weekend so far! Better than CC and Sevy!


5 IP, 3 hits, 3 ER, 1 walk, 2 K's.

All in all, this was a pretty damn good start for a kid making his big league debut. It's even more impressive given the circumstances.

Chance Adams is a guy who had a lot of hype surrounding him - but questions marks have started to pop up around him, as of late. 

But, with Boone making the questionable decisions of using Lance Lynn against Baltimore on Wednesday, and being forced to go to Cessa on Thursday when we got destroyed, and Happ going on the DL after making out with Noah Syndergaard (not confirmed yet), we needed another spot starter.

Justus Sheffield, who, sadly, is not Gary's son, had just pitched. So it fell on the golden locks of Chance "The Surfer Boy" Adams.

Seriously, this guy looks like he should be shredding some gnar over at Venice Beach. 

And like I said above, he looked pretty solid, all things considered.

BUT, once again, our offense didn't do anything. 

Chance exited the game with the Red Sox up 3-0. We should have been able to come back. Even with no Judge or Gary, we still have a lot of big bats.

Yes, we put a little bit of a scare into Craig Kimbrel in the 9th, by loading the bases, but nothing happened. 

4-1 loss...again...and now I have to talk about last night's game. This should be fun!

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