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Game 3 Red Sox Recap: Sunday September 30: 10-2 Loss: But Who Cares? Last Game of the Year


*Insert Yawn gif too*

^Yes, I put that direction in on purpose

We lost the last game of the regular season by a score of 10-2...

Who fucking cares?

This game LITERALLY meant nothing. We already locked up home field for the Wild Card Game. We already reached 100 wins. And, even though it isn't important to the playoff run, we already broke all the records we were trying to break.

This game was all about making sure none of our superstars got some terrible injury that could jeopardize our playoff push and send all of us Yankee fans into a crippling pit of darkness and sadness. 

Because, that would NOT be fun...

And seeing as how Didi, Gleyber, and Hicks were all kinda hurt last week, we didn't want to take any chances.

I honestly would have supported Boone wrapping all the guys in bubble wrap. For maximum protection.

Ah, well.

Cessa pitched and looked shitty. Again, who cares? He gave up 4 runs that really do not mean shit. We know who Luis Cessa is at this point.


I'll just run through all our pitchers real fucking quick. After Cessa, we saw DRob, Johnny Lasagna, Sheffield, Tarpley, Cole, and Chance Adams.

Lasagna and Justus gave up 3 runs each, bringing our grand total of runs surrendered to that 10-burger.

Our lone runs? A 2 run blast from the greatest fuckin first baseman in the history of the universe!




Not really, but the man is a monster. #MYFirstBaseman.

10-2 Loss.


Tonight is the night. It all comes down to this.

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Because I am going to a be mess of emotions. The Whole Talkin' Yanks team will be of this mindset.

I'm going to drank a large quantity of beers during this game. Hopefully it will end in happy drinking.

Sevy is on the bump. 

1 game Wild Card Play-off.

Vs Oakland. At home.


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