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Game 3 Rays Recap: Wednesday July 25: 3-2 Loss: I hate the Rays and I hate the Trop


I’m sick and tired of losing to the Tampa Bay Rays. Yesterday’s loss was our 5th out of the last 6 games against them.

I’m tired of them and I’m tired of our stupid stadium – so glad that we’re back in the Bronx tonight.

We are the definition of playing up to our competition, and down to our competition.

Every single time we play a scrub team like the Rays or Orioles, they give us trouble. It’s fucking annoying and it could honestly hurt us down the stretch. We need to catch Boston. I don’t want to play in that Wild Card game again.

Too unpredictable.

Anyways, I’ll table the rest of my rant for another day. Because we all know that I can rant and rant about the Yankees. It’s one of my greatest skills in life.

I’m just going to blow through this game fairly quickly.

All in all, Luis Cessa had a solid start:

5.1 IP, 4 hits, 2 runs, 0 walks, 3 K’s.

Those are good numbers for him! AND, he was pitching a shutout into the 6th inning. There’s no reason to be upset at him.

When Kiermaier hit that homer, we should have had more runs on the board. It’s our offense that has been the problem.

This stat says it all…

Hey offense:


Seriously though…

Our lone run early on was a Neil Walker sac fly. The Rays took a 2-1 lead with the Kiermaier blast, and then added another solo shot off Holder.

Wait wait, WHAT.

Jonathan Holder gave up a homer?!


I know, Skip. Pretty crazy, right?

Guys, I’m trying to be funny and humorous in this blog! But constantly losing to the Rays has beaten me down.

Like all the guys that Mike Tyson beat the shit out of…


Losing to the Rays over and over renders “Johnny Pinstripes humor” virtually obsolete. Who would’ve thought?

We tried to claw our way back, but our bats were ice fucking cold. Giancarlo had a sac fly of his own in the 8th, cutting the lead to 1.

Oh, I know what else I can rant about!

I HATE the fucking bullpen days that the Rays go through – what the absolute fuck?

It is clear that we don’t like all these different pitchers that are constantly taking the mound. For some reason, our bats can’t get into a groove.

Oh, and I fucking hate Sergio Romo. First, he just looks like an asshole.

And then, they had the balls to put Romo at first base. Just so the lefty Venters could face Greg. All Greg needed to do was hit it to third and Romo would’ve been FUCKED.

But, of course, he didn’t. It was honestly a smart move by the Rays. But I hate it. It just made us look bad.

We were able to get a couple of guys on, but nothing came of it.

3-2 Loss. God Damnit.

Well, let’s put it behind us.

Today we made another trade: WE HAVE JA HAPP.

Like I said, not the biggest splash, but it could certainly pay off BIG TIME down the stretch.

Tonight we start a 4 game set against the Royals. LET’S GET IT


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