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Game 3 Rays Recap: Wednesday September 26: 8-7 Loss: Another Amazing Comeback Effort That Falls Short...Great.


Why do we keep having our team do this to us?

They fall behind in a game, then make a miraculous comeback, only to fall short. They get us all hyped up and excited - only to send our hopes and dreams crashing to the ground.

This was basically the baseball equivalent of Blue Balls. Kids, if you don't know what that is...ask your parents. Or your brother.

Or that homeless guy down the street from your house who keeps screaming out "It's the Government's fault!"

Now, picture this:

Imagine buying tickets to a Drake concert. 

You're super pumped, you are with all your homies. You have a nice tequila buzz on...or rum...or vodka. Whatever, it doesn't matter.

Then the hype man comes out and he starts pumping up the crowd!

"Are ya'll ready for Drake?! ARE YOU READY FOR DRAKE?! AHHH"

He gets everyone excited and ready - then, all of a sudden, Drake, aka Aubrey Graham, doesn't walk out.

Instead, it's scrub little brother, Brian Graham. otherwise known as Brake.

Imagine how pissed you would be? 

You just threw down hundreds of dollars and Drake doesn't show up? Instead you get his loser brother, Brake?! Fuck Brake.

THAT is exactly what the Yankees put us through during these potential comeback games.

(Okay, I was totally reaching with that analogy ^^^ but hey, I took a shot. Also, let it be known that Drake has no brother named Brake...or does he?)

Well, this game was looking REAL good at the beginning...Disco Neil walker did this:







Unfortunately, Tanaka Wednesday was NOT in effect. We couldn't even enjoy this 3 run lead for a half inning.

Tanaka gave up 3 runs in the first, on 2 RBI singles and a throwing error caused by himself - Damnit, Masa!

He ended up also giving up a solo shot in the 3rd, bringing his stat line to:

4 IP, 6 hits, 4 runs, 3 ER, 1 walk, 4 Ks. 

When his day was done, Holder, Chaddy, and Chappie decided to each throw shut out innings - nice! David Robertson? Not so much...

My man DRob was a full-on scrub during this Wednesday night contest. We were trying to keep the deficit at one, until this guy gave up 4 runs, 3 earned, while only getting 1 out. Fuck.

Justus Sheffield retired the last two batters, but the damage was done:

8-3 deficit.

BUT, here come the comeback Yanks! Kinda.

IT WAS A SINGLE PARADE. Everybody hit singles!!

Gary started it off! Gleyber then struck out, clearly wanting to give some of the other guys a chance to be the hero.

Gardy followed up with a single! Then Cutch! Bases loaded!

Judge hit Gary home with..guess what? A RBI SINGLE!

Then Voit did the same! Scoring both Gardy and Cutch! To be fair, this might be the longest recorded single in the history of fucking ever. 




Off the bat, it looked like #MYfirstbaseman had crushed a Grand Salami and I was prepared to anoint him as the greatest first baseman ever.

Alas, the Grand Salami was not meant to be. And Voit only got a single?





Well, basically Judge thought it might be caught, so the runners had to halt. When the ball finally landed, Aaron was only able to get to third, with Luke staying at first.

I know, annoying, right?

Giancarlo followed suit with one of his good old-fashioned infield singles. This man LOVES his infield singles!

Now, with 4 runs tacked on in this inning, I was fully confident we were going to complete the comeback. It was the Rays, after all.

Goddamn Tyler Wade flied out, coming into replace Neil after he had been hit on the shin. Makes you wonder what could have happened if power swinging Neil Walker was up there...

Miggy fouled out right after, ending the comeback right fucking there.

4 runs in the 9th inning and we lose by 1. UGH.

If only DRob did not implode in the inning before. Tough loss. Tough, tough loss.

8-7 game.

Okay, one more recap before the Sox series! Stay tuned for the Game 4 Recap, coming at ya very very soon! Like VERY soon. 

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