Game 3 Rangers Recap: Saturday August 11: 5-3 WIN: Miggy breaks the 3-3 tie and Chappie gets the save! But scared us all in the process. - Jomboy Media

Game 3 Rangers Recap: Saturday August 11: 5-3 WIN: Miggy breaks the 3-3 tie and Chappie gets the save! But scared us all in the process.

After Friday's ugly loss, we got back to our winning ways! Man this game had everything...

Great starting pitching, big home runs, some clutch hitting from Neil Walker, and our closer giving us another one of his classic heart attacks as he skirted out of trouble...

I'll take a hard pass on that last one in the future. But we all know that probably won't happen.

Lance Lynn continues to show that Brian Cashman is an evil genius:

5 IP, 5 hits, 1 ER, 3 walks, 8 Ks.

After being a very average pitcher during his time with the Twins this year, Lynn-sanity has been absolutely MONEY for us. The RBI single he gave up in the third was his only run surrendered in his 3 starts for us. Wow. 



Giancarlo got the scoring started for us, RIGHT AWAY in the first...


GIANCARLOOO. On a 3-0 count. My whole theory from a few months ago, that Giancarlo is part-cyborg, is pretty strong right now. This man is so good, he cannot be a mere mortal.  

Greggy "I'm like a Bird, I only fly away" added a BIG RBI double at the end of the first, which was a welcome sight for our slumping first baseman. 2-0.

As I mentioned earlier, Lance gave up a RBI single, and the score remained 2-1 for the next few innings.

After Lance's day was done, he turned things over to DRob, who pitched a shut out 6th inning. 

There we go DRob!

Neil Walker added a RBI single in the bottom half of the 6th, BECAUSE, in case you didn't know, this guy doesn't always walk. He gets clutch hits because this is the new and improved Neil Walker. Love it...

3-1 lead heading into the 7th!

And then, Zach Britton showed us that even Brian Cashman is human sometimes. I know, shocking right? 

After getting two quick outs, and looking pretty damn solid, he proceeded to load the bases - 2 singles and a walk. AND THEN, he fucking walked Adrian Beltré and the Rangers scored a run. God damnit, Zach. This is what we traded for?!

At this point, Boone pulled him from the game - I wish he did that one batter earlier. Now we got Dellin... Okay, no problem, right? Old Dellin is back!

Well, this is true...except Old Dellin made one tiny mistake:

He balked. Fuck. 

And just like that, the game was tied at 3. I thought this was a lock after we went up 3-1. But it's never easy for us these days, is it?

After the balk, Dellin got out of trouble and also shut down the Rangers in the 8th.

BUT, before we got to his 8th inning performance, it was time from some CLUTCH hitting from our 3rd baseman, and potential Rookie of the Year?!

With the game tied, and Giancarlo on first, Miggy Andújar strutted to the plate. Boom.



Say what you will about Miguel's glove, but the kid is clutch as fuck. What a hitter. So, like I said, Dellin looked great in the 8th. 

We ended up taking that 5-3 lead into the 9th, with Chappie coming into the game.

Everyone take a shot of tequila, get a towel ready for potential sweat, close your eyes, and hope that Chappie doesn't give us all heart attacks.

Spoiler alert: He did. 

In between getting two outs, he gave up a walk and a single. Classic Chappie moves.

Then, he hit Beltré to load the bases... oh boy, here we go. 

BUT, HE GOT OUT OF IT! He struck out Profar to preserve the 5-3 victory and notch his 30th save of the year!




Chappie, you're such an asshole. And I say that lovingly!

I love ya, but you always have to scare us. After that Boston meltdown, you really really scare us. 

It's never easy with you, Chappie. Please don't do this to us again (but I know you will)

5-3 win!

I will be recapping Sunday's game soon #staytuned

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