Game 3 Orioles Recap: Tuesday 7/10: 6-5 loss: I hate losing to Baltimore

Well…that game sucked.

It’s tough to get the creativity and jokes flowing when dealing with a loss like last night’s. I know you can’t win every baseball game – trust me, I’ve heard all the clichés a million billion times.

But, it’s still not a crime to get pissed off about a tough regular season game. And losing a walk-off to the last place Orioles is going to get me upset.

We’ve lost 2 out of 3 to this fucking team. And Manny Machado was, essentially, the sole reason they won yesterday’s game. I know he didn’t get the walk-off, but they wouldn’t have even been in that situation if it wasn’t for him.

He shouldn’t even be allowed to play! He’s not going to be on the Orioles after the trade deadline…he might even be on our team!

Regardless, he will not be an Oriole! He should not be allowed to play, hit 2 homers, and basically murk us single-handedly.

New Rule: When it’s basically a given that a player will be traded, that player should be suspended, for the rest of their games, until they’re on the new team.

For example: Every July 1st, each team that is going to trade away their star player must announce it to the public. Then that player is henceforth banned from games until the deal is done.

That should work, right? Kidding, kidding.

I wish that could have happened for Machado, though. Because he killed us last night.

I honestly thought that the return of Tanaka Tuesday was going to go better than this. Everything looked like it was going to be all good!

Tanaka gave up his classic early  solo shot, but then guess what?! It was called back to just a double – great news for us!

Jomboy said it best…


Sooo true. It’s like he got the homer out of his system, without it actually counting as a run – especially since he got out of that inning with no damage! Progress!

In the 4th, Masa gave up a 2 run double, but no problem! We got this! At least, that’s what I thought…

In the next inning, with Didi and Miggy on base, Greg Bird walked to the plate. And then. BOOOOOM.



*Cue the Nelly Furtado Song*


3-2 lead, that’s what I’m talking about Greg!

He’s been slumping as of late, hovering around the sub .200 batting average mark. But, this was a massive step in the right direction.

A huge bomb to give us a lead? I know it was against the shitty Orioles, but it definitely had some shades of his solo shot vs Cleveland in last year’s ALDS.

Alas, the lead did not last for long. (There I go again, saying “alas”…I think I shift into Shakespeare mode whenever we lose games. Note to self: Losing = Talking like Shakespeare)

Anyways, fucking Manny Machado tied this game up with one swing of his bat – his stupid hairstyle flapping in the Baltimore wind. Tanaka’s day was done and Holder took over.

Oh, and if Manny joins our team, I hope we force him to shave that stupid hair. I will continue to hate on this guy unless he joins our side. I’m not really mad at him…I’m taking it out on the scrub team he plays for. Because he has, basically, been the only reason they have had our number.

But still, we’re the Yankees. We always fight until the end. Damn, that sounds corny as hell – but it’s true!

Tanaka’s day finished as follows:

4.1 IP, 6 hits, 3 ER, 2 walks, 5 K’s.

Not a great turn game for Masa…Holder got out out of the 5th inning, before turning things over to Chad Green.

In the 7th, Greg hit a sac fly and Neil “He really doesn’t always walk” Walker got an RBI single! There we go Neil! 5-3 us!

But then, Manny fucked us again…fuck. 2 run homer against Chad.

I mean, look at these stats…



Without his homers, we’d be winning 5-2 – no problem. This team is so so so so so so bad.

But Manny Machado is so so so so so so good. Once he tied this game, I kind of envisioned the end result.

No, I’m not a psychic like Raven (great throwback show)


But the writing was basically on the wall here.

D-Rob pitched a shutout 8th inning and Dellin was given the 9th. While this was going down, we couldn’t get a run across the Orioles bullpen.

When Zach Britton came into the game, things were definitely not looking good. Andddd, then they got worse.

Dellin hit a guy, gave up a double, and then intentionally walked Manny. He was able to strike out Trumbo, before facing Schoop.

A little grounder out of Greg’s reach, and that was it. We lost 6-5…


Now, we get to tonight…Sonny fucking Gray is on the mound.

If we lose 3 out of 4 to the lowly Orioles, I’m going to completely overreact and freak out. I say “overreact” because I know it is just a tough July stretch before the All Star Break. We’re still a great team.

But, if we lose tonight against Baltimore, I. Will. Not. Be. Happy.

Do all the periods get my point across more? I hope so.

Okay, Sonny. I don’t have a lot of faith in you tonight…but I really hope you prove me wrong. Let’s go.


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