Game 3 of Blue Jays Recap: Sunday 7/8: 2-1 WIN: Small Ball makes the difference!

We had a close one in yesterday’s series finale! A low-scoring, pitcher’s duel that ended in extra innings. Thankfully, I wasn’t in attendance. I’m 0/2 in extra inning Yankee games this season.

Yesterday we buckled down, played a little small ball, and got the WIN. We got to leave Canada with a little pep in our step, or straight up swagger for guys like Judge and Giancarlo. But those guys swagger around all the time, so nothing new.

Once again, we got to say Sorrey! to the Blue Jays and their fans. I’m sorry, I know I repeat that word a lot. It’s an addiction, I’m trying to curb my “sorrey” frequency. It’s a work in progress.

Miggy Andújar got the scoring going with a little RBI ground out in the first. Like I said, this was Pitcher’s Duel Sunday. After the big game on Saturday, our bats got lazy and decided to take the day off. Clearly, we realized we didn’t need our full effort to beat the Jays on his day.

In reality, the offense was looking a lot like Friday’s performance. But, thank god, we didn’t have to deal with Sonny Gray’s bitch ass…

In a surprise plot twist, Domingo German was DEALING. It was his best start in a while:

6 IP, 4 hits, 1 run, 2 walks, 5 K’s. GREAT START DOMINGO.

In a time when Sonny is more of a scrub than a Swiffer pad, we needed somebody else to step up. Domingo German, come on down!

His minor slip-up of the afternoon was a solo home run, but he was fantastic besides that. He left the game with a 1-1 tie.

After his day was done, Adam Warren gave us two solid shut out innings, striking out 3. Anddd, we were still powerless to mount any offensive attack.

After Warren, Chad Green threw a shut out 9th to send us to extras. FREE BASEBALL.

By the way, I don’t think I’ve said this before, but “Chad Green” is one of the whitest names in history. Definitely in the sports world. It’s right up there with Dan Patrick. Or Bill Simmons. Or Lyle Baker. Okay, I made up that last one…

Now, let’s shift to the tenth. And we got to face off against an old favorite of ours. Tyler fucking Clippard. You suck, Tyler.

SMALL BALL TIME. This was executed flawlessly. Like Michelle Kwan nailing a perfect move.


Yeah…I bet you didn’t think Michelle Kwan was going to show up in a Yankees blog. Well ya thought WRONG.

I know figure skating. I’m cultured! I’ve seen Blades of Glory a hundred times.


Quality movie.

Sooo, the inning started with Greg Bird getting hit by a pitch. Nothing special, right? WRONG. Boonie, trying to make up for starting Sonny Gray on Friday, made a savvy “small ball” move: pinch-running with Tyler Wade, who is back in the New York groove.

Recently called up…see what I did there?

Austin “Our starting catcher until Gary comes back” Romine sacrificed him over to second base. And now, it was time for GARDY.



Let’s pop the bottles!


Brett Gardner is the fucking man. And Tyler Clippard is a loser – feels great to get the winning run off of him.

Wanting to rest Chappie and his knee, Boone decided to go with D-Rob. He shut down the Blue Jays 1-2-3 and that’s another SERIES WIN. LET’S GO

As I finish typing this, we are just about 15 minutes from the Orioles double header. Let’s keep the good vibes flowing, and keep the winning going.

CC is on the bump!


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