Game 3 Indians Recap: Saturday July 14: 5-4 WIN: A Little League homer is the difference! And Boonie got tossed

Great bounce back win on Saturday! After that tough loss on Friday, this was an important response. After all, this is definitely a team that we could face in October… again.

It’s bullshit, however, that they’re probably going to win their division with a much worse record than us. AND, if we finish second in the East with over 100 wins, thanks to the Red Sox, and have to play the Wild Card Game, I’m going to be extremely pissed.

Very, very angry. If that happens, I might actually bodycheck that DJ I have been talking about. But, I’ll digress…

Great win! Definitely had a playoff atmosphere in beautiful Cleveland, Ohio. Just kidding.

Pretty sure Cleveland is the opposite of beautiful. You’ve got to give LeBron credit for playing there as long as he did…I know he was born and raised there, but if I had the money to leave Cleveland, I would do it ASAP. Even if it was my hometown – just saying…

Anyways, after a game where we didn’t get a homer until the 9th inning, Sir Didi “He is actually a Knight” Gregorious wanted to get things cooking early.


Forget Chef Curry! We’ve got CHEF DIDI WITH THE POT, BOY.

3 – nada. Just. Like. That.

Carsten Charles was on the mound for us – and he gave up a solo shot to Jose Ramirez in their half of the first.

Fuck. Ramirez is basically a “Yankee Killer” at this point too. The man MASHES against us. And every other team, pretty much.

The Indians added a run on a groundout, making the game closer before Gregory Bird took care of business…



During this inning, Boonie got tossed after a Giancarlo strikeout. Basically, the ball hit Giancarlo as he swung – that’s usually still a strikeout.

After the game, Boone said that he believed the ball hit G’s bat too, so he thought it should have been a foul. But, the ball did not hit Giancarlo’s bat.

Silly, Aaron!


Leave it to Boonie to get tossed for arguing something where we was wrong. If that doesn’t sum up our manager, I don’t know what does…

The sixth inning was an interesting one. CC was chugging along, pitching a pretty solid game. But, I’ve said it before: keeping the big guy out there for the 6th inning is a risky one.

It’s like speeding through a red light – sure, it could work out for ya. But is it worth it? Ehhh.

With a bullpen like ours, it isn’t worth it to run through the red ligh – I mean, keep CC in.

And it’s not like he gave up a homer or a big hit! It was just unfortunate that a hard hit grounder to Miggy resulted in a bad throw to Greg, who then fired a bad throw to Romine at the plate.

Two runs scored. This potentially could have been avoided…if CC was taken out of the game. But, all’s well that ends well. We still got the win, eventually.

At this time, though, it was a 4-4 game.

CC’s statline finished as:

5.2 IP, 4 hits, 4 runs, 2 walks, 2 K’s. Not bad.

He was pulled after the Indians tied it and D-Rob came in.

Thankfully, we had the speed demon, himself, Austin “Rocket around the bases” Romine leading off!

He crushed a ball to right-center field for a double, where it was promptly bobbled by the right fielder, and eventually ended up in the Cleveland dugout!

This means, ROMINE SCORED! A good old fashioned Little League homer! In MLB terms, it was a double with two errors. But, fuck it!

Romine hit a dinger! It’s even better that it happened to our backup catcher.

Take it from me – I had some great little league homers back in my day and they were the best. Lucky, Austin. Got to chug around those bases while the Indians players were, essentially, slipping on banana peels all over Progressive Field. Now, there’s an image.


Austin is a good guy. I might start calling him “Good Guy” Austin. I’ve been throwing a shit ton of nicknames at this guy, recently. I’m basically the manager in Rookie of the Year, who is incapable of pronouncing Henry Rowengartner.


That interesting 5th run proved to be enough for us!

Our Big Three in the bullpen shut down the Cleveland bats!

D-Rob pitched a 1-2-3 7th, Dellin pitched a 1-2-3 8th, and Chapman walked 1 guy in his inning, in “Classic Chappie” fashion. But, that was the only baserunner given up by the flamethrower, and he notched his 26th save!

He was throwing the HEAT. As always…


5-4 win LET’S GO.

Romine with the go-ahead and game winning Little League homer!

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 3.42.32 PM

Love it.

Stay tuned for the final recap before the All Star Break!

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