Game 2 Royals Recap: Saturday G1 July 28: 10-5 Loss: Sevy was bad again, we tried to come back BUT that didn’t happen.

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Game 2 Royals Recap: Saturday G1 July 28: 10-5 Loss: Sevy was bad again, we tried to come back BUT that didn’t happen.

Wow. It has been a busy last couple of days in the world of Johnny Pinstripes. I’m sitting here on Tuesday about to bang out 3 recaps from this Royals series. A series that was supposed to be EXTREMELY easy.

Instead, my favorite player got hurt, Sevy continued to scrub it up, and a team with a [current] .305 winning percentage gave us A LOT of trouble.

Friday night’s game got rained out because, “what else is new?” At this point in the season, Yankee rain outs are almost as common as Judge/Stanton homers. Or smiles by Didi. Or Gardy being angry. Or Boone doing something stupid that gets him roasted on Twitter.

But, heading into a day-night doubleheader on Saturday, things were looking up. This was still the Royals we were talking about, and our ace was on the mound. No wonder we were -400 favorites, or better, on most sports book sites.

For anyone who isn’t hip to the Vegas lingo, that is, essentially a LOCK.


However, it turned out to be anything but…

Before getting pulled in the 5th, Sevy’s stat line was:

8 hits, 6 ER, 1 walk, 5 K’s.

6 earned runs. Holy fucking shit. This is his 4th bad start in a row – what in the world is wrong with Luis Severino? I’m not going to dive into any more Sevy talk, partially because it depresses me, but more-so because my fellow Talkin’ Yanks writer, Adam, just wrote a piece of his own.

So check it out!

Being down 6-0, I still was feeling like we could mount a comeback. As long as we stopped them from scoring runs, we could do it.

Everyone’s favorite Terminator, no not Arnold, confirmed my thoughts. With an absolute MOONSHOT.

447 Feet. What an absolute bomb.

The comeback attempt had begun, as Neil added a RBI single, Romine had a RBI grounder, and Gleyber added a run scoring double (out trying to get a triple. Damnit, Gleyber).

But when the Royals added a fucking three homer off D-Rob, the comeback was #over.


I don’t know why I hashtagged over. Don’t judge me, writing about this game has me frustrated again.

The final was a 10-5 Loss.

Let me start writing about the next game so I will no longer be depressed.

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