Game 2 Red Sox Recap: Saturday September 29: 8-5 WIN: Broke the Homer Record and Hit 100 Wins - A Very Special Season - Jomboy Media

Game 2 Red Sox Recap: Saturday September 29: 8-5 WIN: Broke the Homer Record and Hit 100 Wins - A Very Special Season

A bunch of records we're broken on Saturday afternoon




We passed the Mariners' 1997 record of 264 regular season homers, as Gleyber hit #265! WOW.

And we reached 100 wins in a season! DOUBLE WOW.

AND we became the first team to hit 20 home runs from each position in the lineup. 1-9. TRIPLE WOW.

And Miggy passed Joe DiMaggio's rookie record for doubles as a Yankee! ROOKIE OF THE YEAR!

I know that this season will be a failure without a deep playoff run. And, hopefully, Championship #28.

But 100 win seasons do not come around all the time. Let's appreciate this whirlwind of a season.

It flew by pretty damn fast. But it was memorable, for sure. 

We started with what baseball media guys call an "opener" day. It's basically just a fancy-schmancy way of saying "bullpen day".

Domingo German started the game, followed by Tarpley, followed by 3 innings from a starter in the middle of a game...aka Lance Lynn. That is essentially what an "opener day" is. Having your starter come in for the middle innings to give stability and do his thing.

After Lynn, we saw Sonny, Tommy K, Holder, and Chappie. 

Tarpley, Lynn, and Tommy gave up some pretty inconsequential runs. We put up a nice 8 spot on the Sox, after all. 

BUT, after a 2 run homer brought Boston within 3, and a save situation, Boonie decided to make the move and go with our closer. Who shut the door on any potential rally. Preserving our 100 victories!

As for runs, Giancarlooo got the party started with a RBI double in the first, scoring Brett Garder...Gardy Party...see what I did there? 

Thanks, Family Guy ostrich.

Giving #MYFirstBaseman the day off, Greg took advantage (I guess?) of the playing time with a RBI double in the 4th. And then? Gleyber...





And give us the 1-9 20 homer record! SO fucking cool. I love this team. 

Miggy added a 2 run double in the 5th, breaking Joe D's record! But I already talked about that...

Records, on records, on records, on records, on RECORDS.

Row Row Row Your Boat Romine added a RBI single, just padding the stats for the best season of his career - best Backup catcher in the LEAGUE.

Oh and G hit another dinger. Nothing new there.

8-5 WIN! 

*Spoiler Alert* Our last regular season win of the season! But, don't worry I'll run through the very boring and insignificant Game 3 because I am a dedicated Blog Boy.

Stay tuned. 

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