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Game 2 Orioles Recap: Wednesday August 1: 7-5 Loss: I’m so tired of Sonny Gray

Sonny Gray. Sonny Fucking Gray.

I’m so done with this guy. I try not to write off players too early and I always try and give them the benefit of the doubt. To be fair, I really don’t hate this guy.

BUT, I think it has become apparent that he is not cut out to be a starter for the New York Yankees. This isn’t exactly a foreign concept. Many guys have come to the Bronx and failed under the pressure and scrutiny.

I really think it is time to make a change. For starters, try and put him in the bullpen as a long reliever – he might have more success there!

Switch him for Lance Lynn to start things off and see where they go from there.

Will Cashman do this? Well, we will have to stay tuned for that…

Anyways, yesterday’s game fucking sucked. I just want to run through it really quickly, which is a classic maneuver and tactic by me after a bad loss.

Sonny’s stat line was:

2.2 IP, 8 hits, 7 ER, 2 walks, 3 K’s. Holy fucking shit.


He gave up 5 runs in the 2nd in the timespan of, what felt like, a millisecond. Seriously, one second I was watching a 0-0 game. Then I blinked my eyes and it was 5-0 Orioles. Baltimore, if I haven’t mentioned, is 33-75…..75 LOSSES. HOW DO WE GIVE UP 5 RUNS TO THEM IN ONE INNING?!

They traded away half of their lineup too. UGH.

Oh, and why the hell was Sonny smiling when he got taken out?! Sonny, I hate you.

Also, to make matters worse, Shane Robinson looked like an absolute idiot in right field. The man was utterly and completely lost. Like a little kid after he loses sight of his mom in a grocery store.

A kid who is lost in a supermarket basically just wanders around, straying too far away from the spot where his mom told him to wait for her. He starts to panic, moves into a risky area, and then gets into more trouble.

This was the definition of Shane Robinson yesterday. He drifted too close to the infield and proceeded to let a million balls fly over his head. I know, I know, we’re spoiled with giants like Judge and Giancarlo usually manning that position.

But little pipsqueak Shane should have been playing deeper!

Gleyber also failed to hustle twice in that 2nd inning. He needed to cover first and then second and fucked up both times.

At least, he made up for it with a couple of dingers. He had a solo shot in the 2nd, and a 3 run bomb in the 9th, to cut the lead to 7-5.

But it was too little, too late.

One of the lone bright spots of this game was the debut of Lance Lynn, following the shit show that is Sonny “Scrub” Gray.

4.1 IP, 5 hits, 0 runs, 5 K’s…Welcome to New York, Lance!

Looks like you got here at just the right time.

As I said before, the final score was 7-5. It looked a lot worse until Gleyber stuffed his stat sheet in the final inning.

We just suck against shitty teams. Plain and simple.

Don’t really want to say anything else about this game. I just want Sonny to stop starting games.

Let’s move to THE BIG ONE.


Tonight we start a HUGE 4 game series against the Red Sox. In Boston. Oh Shit.

We are currently 5.5 games behind them in the division. Let’s beat up on this fucking team and let’s make up some ground! CC is on the bump tonight! LET’S GET IT


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