Game 2 Orioles Recap: Saturday G1 August 25: 10-3 WIN: Happ won his 5th start for us and we hit ALOT of homers! - Jomboy Media

Game 2 Orioles Recap: Saturday G1 August 25: 10-3 WIN: Happ won his 5th start for us and we hit ALOT of homers!

Game 2! And the first game of a nice day-night doubleheader. Because, as you all know, the rain gods decided to curse us many times this year. 

Sweeping doubleheaders is tough. With that in mind, I knew we needed a big performance from JA Happ, with Sonny starting the second game.

And he gave us a pretty good performance! Besides giving up a 2 run single in the 2nd, Happ had another solid start! 

Remember what I said during his last start? If not, here it is


The man is consistent! The man is PEANUT BUTTER. JA "Peanut Butter" Happ.

6 IP, 5 hits, 2 ER, 1 walk, 9 Ks. NINE. Now that's impressive.

And, he won his 5th straight start for us - guess how many starts he has had? Five! Consistent!


And making history!

Because this game was a 10-3 shellacking, let me just say that Luis Cessa pitched the final 3 innings of the game, giving up one RBI single in the 9th...

Okay! NOW, let's recap the beatdown in all its glory, going through the 10 runs our juggernaut offense put up!

Miggy got things going with a RBI groundout in the first - nothing special. Just some sound baseball.

After we fell down 2-1, Hicksie (according to Players Weekend, Hicksy writes it with an "ie". My mind is still boggled by this. I will probably switch back and forth, because I like the original Hicksy!") had a RBI single, scoring Sugar Shane.

And here comes, Miggy Andújar. Or PAPÁ, as he likes to be called...


PAPÁ! A 2 run, 414 foot BOMB by the Rookie of the Year! There should be no question anymore - sorry Gleyber, but your fellow infielder has this award locked the fuck up. 

In the 4th, everyone's favorite bald headed maniac (Sorry, Shane Robinson) added to the party...and made it a GARDY PARTY!


Oh, baby. I'm a sucker for a nice Gardy homer. They don't happen too often, but they're pretty damn sweet. That's 7 runs.

Luke "Our Starting First Baseman" Voit added a RBI single in the 5th, just padding his stats for the weekend. 

To round out our scoring day, we got a couple solo dingers from two fan favorites.




And then...



And an interesting caption by the YES Network twitter account. "Hicksie shits one to the sticksies"

I'll give you guys points for a solid effort on that one..

And that was the end of our BEATDOWN in the first game.

The last two games of this series SWEEP will be up soon!

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