Game 2 of Orioles Doubleheader Recap: Monday 7/9: 10-2 WIN: Gardy was great, Cessa pitched a gem…huh?


After the disappointment that was Game 1, last night’s doubleheader conclusion was MUCH better. We also got a little bit of production from everybody, which was great to see.

I’ll run through the pitching performances real quick, since we only used two guys. And, ironically, both of them have been sent back to Triple-A:

Luis Cessa and Giovanny Gallegos.

After two seasons of very sub-par pitching from Cessa, and numerous trips back and forth to Scranton, he threw a GEM last night. And it was a total shock.

Yesterday morning, I was kind of banking on CC delivering us the win, and Cessa pitching like shit.

But, I’m a big man – I can admit when I am wrong. Luis, I am sorry.


When you return to the big leagues, which I’m sure will happen at some point in the near future, I will give you the benefit of the doubt…

Until you pitch like shit again! Then I’m back to being heated at you – sound fair?

Okay, perfect. But yeah, Cessa killed it last night:

6 IP, 3 hits, 0 runs, 3 walks, 4 K’s. GREAT JOB LUIS.

This was also desperately needed after losing the first one to this shitty team. Losing a 2 game doubleheader to the last place Orioles? That would have sucked.

But, we don’t need to worry about that! Luis stepped up and pitched a hell of a game. Then, another current Triple-A member, Giovanny Gallegos, finished out the game with 3 innings of work.

He gave up a 2 run homer, but we were so far ahead at this point, that it did not even matter.

And then, to make room for the return of Tanaka and Gallegos being the 26th man, both of these pitchers were sent packing.

It’s basically when a guy or girl is used for sex. They served their purpose and then the Yankees kicked them out of their bed…

No cuddling, no spending the night, no morning breakfast.

They were called an Uber and taken back to Scranton, Pennsylvania.


Some might say that an action like this is a bit harsh…but it’s baseball, baby. It happens. We’re definitely going to see both of these guys again.

Okay! Now to the fun stuff – the OFFENSE! We put up a nice 10-burger!

(Side note: a 10 patty cheeseburger sounds pretty damn good right now. I just got off work and I am extremely hungry)

Didi got things going in the first, with a RBI double to score Gardy. Attaboy Sir!

And then Gardy, himself:



I love this guy. He has been underrated his whole career, but he is a true Yankee. Through and through.

Oh and he also added a RBI double later in the game! Because he is the man…if he is not on our team next year, I’m going to body check a DJ.

Yes, I’ve used that phrase before…it’s kinda my thing, at this point.

Austin “Best Backup Catcher in Baseball” Romine decided to join Gardy in the homer party. Or homer parade. Whichever you prefer…



Oh, and just like his pal Brett, Austin also added a RBI double to his 2-run homer night! ROMINE!! There we go!

Fun scoring night, all around. Other runs included RBI singles for Greggy and Judge, and a throwing error by the Orioles second baseman which scored, you guessed it, Brett “GARDY PARTY” Gardner.

10-2 Victory!

Okay, we’ve got two more games in the crab cake capital of America. Tonight we welcome back MASA. I missed you, Tanaka.

Oh, and let’s get the dub tonight, because Sonny fucking Gray is pitching tomorrow…



The next game against Baltimore is coming up in just a few minutes!


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