Game 2 of Blue Jays Recap: Saturday 7/7: 8-5 WIN: Cy Young Sevy gets his 14th win

Woo! Okay, Saturday’s game was MUCH more fun than Friday! Now I can really and truly say, Sorrey Blue Jays fans!


We got a nice win on a day when Sevy wasn’t at his best. To be perfectly honest, he was pretty sub-par.

But, even sub-par Sevy is the man. His average day is better than a bunch of pitchers in this League. His stat line was:

5 IP, 3 ER, 2 walks, 5 K’s.

But, thanks to our bats, it was enough to get him the DUB. His 14th WIN OF THE YEAR. BEST IN BASEBALL.

14-2. Holy fucking shit. Cy Young Sevy here he comes!

As far as the offense, Brett Gardner cordially invites all of us over to his house for a GARDY PARTY!


14th leadoff homer of his career!

Longest tenured Yankee…I love this guy.

And then “what a guy, what a guy” himself said to Gardy, “Thanks for the party invite! I’ll bring more beer and keep this party going!”


GARDY AND JUDGE BACK TO BACK. Cue the Drake music.


Brandon Drury added a BIG RBI double later in the inning and boom, it was 4-0. Good to have you back, Brandon!

It was even better to do this damage against a potential future Yankee, JA Happ. Roughing up the potential new guy is always a good move.

It’s like he’s a pledge about to join the Yankees fraternity. He has to go through a little hazing if he wants to join us.


If it’s too much for him to handle, maybe he won’t become a Yankee. (Oh and that was an unintentional pun with the word handle and this handle of Jack that Bluto is chugging. I hope all of you have seen Animal House).

But if he perseveres, who knows, he might come up big for us down the stretch – we’ll see!

As I said, Sevy wasn’t at his best on Saturday. After we scored 4, he gave up a 2 run blast to Kevin Pillar. This guy has really done some damage against us recently. Whether it’s with his bat or his glove, fuck you, Kevin Pillar.

And I say that out of respect for your baseball talent…

GARDY continued his hot series with a 2 run triple in the 3rd, scoring Didi and Greggy. Look at our boy Brett, knocking over the two toughest cycle pillars with ease. He didn’t feel the need to tack on a single and a double, because that would be too easy. It’s beneath him to stoop to that level sometimes.

Sevy gave up another homer later in the game, while the Jays got one run off Holder, and another off Shreve. That was the end of their scoring.

Didi added a RBI single in the 9th to give us 8 runs.

We actually used a good chunk of our bullpen during this game: Holder, DRob, Dellin, Chappie, and Shreve all saw work.

To be fair, Shreve only came in because Chappie slightly hurt his knee. But don’t worry, it’s nothing serious.

Kenny Singleton and Ryan Ruocco even commented on Boone mouthing something along the lines of “it’s not worth it,” in reference to keeping Chapman in the big game. We had a comfortable lead, why risk our star closer getting hurt more?

That would be more pointless than McDonald’s asking “do you want fries with that?” Of course I want fries with my burger, Mickey D’s.

Shreve gave up a solo shot, like I said earlier, because he is Chasen fucking Shreve. That wasn’t really a shock – this man loves giving up homers.

It’s one of his favorite hobbies…next to bird watching and making his own kombucha tea (these just sound like perfect hobbies for a guy named Chasen).

Oh well…8-5 Win!

All in all, solid game. Now let’s head to GAME 3

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