Game 2 Mets Recap: Saturday July 21: 7-6 WIN: That ending almost gave me a heart attack

Okay, this game was A LOT better than Friday night. Well, until the end. That ending scared the shit out of me. When it finally ended, I was curled in a ball in the corner of my room…Stay tuned for that story in a bit.

It took me a solid two hours to compose myself and return to normalcy. Thanks, Chappie!

Buttt, let’s recap!

Before this game, if you told me I was going to almost have a heart attack, I thought it would be because of Sonny fucking Gray. But, miraculously, Sonny actually pitched pretty well!

Lucky for him…

If we lost back to back games to the loser Mets, all of the Internet would have flipped a shit on Sonny. Probably even more shit-flipping than in the past weeks?

Embrace Debate: Is there a more eloquent phrase than shit-flipping? Probably not, honestly..

Sonny started off his performance with a nice 1-2-3 first! In Classic Sonny fashion, he gave up a homer but, thankfully, it was only a solo shot.

After this, he was able to hold the Mets in check before our juggernaut offense took off. And baby, it took off.

Who says we need to hit homers to score some runs?!

The 4th inning was a conveyer belt of extra base hits!

After an infield single by Giancarlo, we had an RBI TRIPLE for Didi, a RBI DOUBLE by Miggy (to score Didi), a RBI DOUBLE by Greg (to score Miggy), and then a RBI single by Romine to score Greg.

Okay, okay, Romine’s hit wasn’t for extra bases. Sorry guys, I got so worked up by all the RBI hits. But this inning was extremely impressive.

Our guys swaggered up to the plate and we’re basically like “we’re not in the mood to hit homers today. We’re just going to knock a bunch of hits around the outfield and run around the bases until we’re tired.” 

Oh, and we made their centerfielder, den Dekker, WORK. For real.

He was jumping and diving and slipping and sliding all over centerfield. He should be in the next episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos, if that is still a thing.

(UPDATE: After a quick Google search, I have discovered that this show is, indeed, still a “thing”. It’s still on TV)


Sonny walked two guys in the 6th and was pulled for D-Rob. After one strikeout, D-Rob gave up a RBI single. And then, a bizarre throwing error cut our lead to 4-3.

Soo, Sonny’s stat line finished as: 5.1 IP, 3 hits, 3 runs, 2 ER, 3 walks, 6 K’s.

Definitely a much better start for him. The 2 earned runs is another step in the right direction. He followed up a shutout start with another solid performance. There ya go, Sonny.

If he pitched badly on Saturday, I’m not going to lie, I think I would have fully been on the “Shoot Sonny into outer space” bandwagon. That would have been very satisfying if he fucked up again.

Think about it. We could’ve sent him to Mars. Or maybe Pluto! Since it’s not a planet anymore. Maybe, if we keep holding this “outer space” threat over his head, he’ll continue to pitch well. Just a thought…

Thankfully, it didn’t come to that on Saturday.

After D-Rob was done, Holder and Dellin gave us some nice shutout innings each.

Greggy added a RBI single in the 6th, before this guy hit a MOONSHOT in the 7th. Which guy, do you ask?

Well, “What a guy, What a guy” himself!



Oh, and here are his home stats this season.


We tacked on a RBI groundout off the bat of “Row Row Row your Boat” Romine in the 8th.

7-3 lead. No problem, right?

Instead of going with Shreve in a non-save situation, Boone decided to go with Chappie, since he hadn’t pitched in a while…maybe shake off a little rust.

Okay, sounds good to me. Aroldis Chapman with a 4 run lead?

What could go wrong?


Oh. Fuck. 

Holy shit, Chappie. This wasn’t just a “Classic Chappie” performance. This was a– I don’t even know what to call it.

Whatever it was, it was scary as fuck.

He was incapable of finding the strike zone. INCAPABLE.

Here is what happened, batter by batter. Walk. Infield single. Walk. (Keep in mind the bases are loaded now). ANOTHER WALK (He walked in a run!!) HIT BY PITCH (Another run scored!)

Chapman gave up 2 runs and they only got 1 little infield single off him. Oh, and he didn’t get anybody out. He walked 3 guys, and hit another guy.

Holy fucking shit.

Forget the movie IT, with the demonic clown. Forget A Quiet Place. This is the scariest movie I’ve seen in years.

We had a sure-thing victory, and it was slowly and painfully starting to slip away. And who is our only help to rescue us?!

Chasen fucking Shreve. The guy who I have constantly ridiculed…not just me, the entire fanbase has ridiculed this jabroni. And yes, he is a jabroni.


It’s fair to say that I was not feeling good when he came into the game. Chappie was an absolute train wreck. And now we needed Chasen “Still a dumb first name” Shreve to bail us out. Holy shit.

I was already curled into a ball (like I said earlier) as I was watching this unfold. Talk about my Saturday being totally ruined. I even made a pleading request to Chasen – that I would stop making fun of him, if he succeeded:

And then, the impossible happened.

I’m talking about the Cavaliers coming back from 3-1 against the Warriors. I’m talking about the Cubs winning the World Series…okay, maybe not that big. But still, extremely shocking.

First, Shreve got a batter to ground into a double play. A run scored, but we had 2 outs now…and then? HE GETS A GROUND OUT. 3 OUTS. WE WIN.



Holy fucking shit.

Chasen, for right now, you are the fucking man. For right now, I forgive you for all of your past fuck-ups. BUT, you still are on a very thin leash, my friend. And I still hate your fucking name.

But for now, I’m on your side. Keep it up, bud.

Talk about an absolute rollercoaster of emotions.

I went from kicking back on my couch with an ice cold cerveza, to almost choking my beer, to being curled up on my couch, to getting off my couch and curling up on the floor. To absolute jubilation and relief.

Now THAT is a Saturday. Wow.

7-6 win. Crazy, crazy game.

We were supposed to play the rubber match last night. Tanaka vs. potential future Yankee, Jacob deGrom.

BUT, Game 3 was postponed because of rain, and was this a shock to anybody? We’re the league leaders in rained-out games this year. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if we have a few more rainouts when the Royals get to town.

It’s supposed to rain all fucking week in New York – and it sucks. I live here and I’m tired of carrying an umbrella everywhere!

I feel like one of those wackos who twirl their umbrella around and around. Like Jerry Seinfeld.


Okay, rant over. Let’s smack around the Rays tonight!


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