Game 2 Indians Recap: Friday July 13: 6-5 Loss: We need a starter ASAP

We lost to a pitcher named Bieber. Does it get any lower than that? Seriously, I think that is hitting rock bottom. I first thought it was getting swept by the Rays in Tampa. But losing to a pitcher with the same last name as this guy?!


Alright, I’m obviously exaggerating. To be fair to the Biebs, he’s gotten a lot better over the years. But, I did hate the “Baby” era of Justin Bieber. Or Justice Beaver, for any of you Office fans.

This was just a rough game from the get-go. We fought back later on, but it is really hard to get a win when your starter gives up 6 runs.

He’s still young, and he has potential, but I’m getting really tired of this Domingo Germán experiment. We need a starter. Badly.

I cannot wait till we finally trade for one. I don’t know when it is going to happen, but will happen. Book it. Lock it up.


There is no chance that Germán will get a playoff start. That is a comforting thought, at least. But, I’m tired of seeing this guy’s inconsistency every 5 days. He can go out there and have a really solid start!

But then, it’s like he has forgotten how to ride a bike. He can go out there, and has a HORRIBLE performance. And I know what you guys are thinking – “Hey Johnny, you never forget how to ride a bike!”

Well, guess what, guys. Domingo Germán might be the one guy who would forget how to ride a bike. Because this guy seemingly forgets how to pitch, all the damn time.

4 IP, 5 hits, 6 ER, 4 walks, 6 K’s.

The strikeout total is pretty solid, and the hits are low, but giving up 6 earned runs is bad. Very bad.

The Indians tacked on one run in the 1st, on a fielder’s choice. They added 3 more in the 2nd on RBI doubles. Starting in a 4-run hole is definitely a pain in the ass, even for our offense.

We tried to fight back in the 5th though! With some scrappy offense – had a real Bad News Bears style to it. Personally, not a fan. I’m not talking about the movie, I’m talking about that style of baseball.

I’d definitely prefer us to launch a series of moonshots, but sometimes you take what you can get it.

Neil Walker hit a RBI double! HUH?! That’s crazy. Side note: This dude is batting .196 and I’m getting pretty tired of his shit.

He’s like the old guy in your fraternity who seems really cool at first. But then you realize he’s just some 32 year old loser, who is washed up and clinging to a past life of keg stands, tank tops, and saying the word “bro” too much.

Yes, I know he wasn’t in our fraternity (on our team) for years, but the analogy still works! DON’T HATE.

Sooo, Neil made it 4-1. Miggy scored on a wild pitch and Gardy hit a sac fly that scored Neil – 4-3 game.

Being down by only 1 run in the 5th inning? That’s a piece of cake! A nice slice of red velvet, too.

But fuckin Domingo gave up 2 more runs in the 5th…a Jose Ramirez RBI triple and an Alonso RBI single. Domingo basically snatched the delicious piece of cake out of our hands. Thanks a lot!

Thankfully, Holder and Shreve pitched 2 shutout innings each (shocking for Shreve, right?), giving us a chance for another comeback.

After a Tyler Wade double (been on FIRE), he eventually came around to score on a Gardy grounder. 6-4.

Terry Francona was making so many pitching changes, at this time, that my head was starting to spin.


After Judge got hit by a pitch, we were back in action baby. Hicks and Giancarlo up next, and only 1 out.

But, while Hicks was in the process of striking out, Judge made a terrible decision in trying to steal. Ugh. To make matters more, Giancarlo ended up hitting a homer…but it was next inning.


Now, it’s not fair to say that this homer correlates with the 8th inning. There was a new pitcher after all.

Judge, I love ya. But mistakes like that are extremely costly.

It’s not secret that Aaron Judge is my favorite player – I’m man enough to admit that I am extremely biased when it comes to him.

Because I would be a lot more angry if this was any other guy making this mistake.

Judge is like a dad’s favorite kid. If Aaron knocked over a priceless vase, he would just get a stern “talking-to” and maybe a “I’m disappointed, son.” But if somebody like Greg or Andújar makes that mistake? Oh, baby, they’re in trouble

Still love you guys, Greg and Miggy! But not like Aaron…sorry!

Anyways, we couldn’t muster up any more runs after the Giancarlo blast, and lost 6-5…

Stay tuned for the last two Indians game recaps, coming up in a few hours!

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