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Game 2 A's Recap: Tuesday September 4: 5-1 WIN: A Depressing Game for 6+ Innings Ends in Happiness, and Luke Voit is MY First Baseman

*This is a happy recap...the next recap? Ehh, not so much. That is all.*

Wow. What a game. Emotions were front and center during this one. And I HATE emotions. 

Maybe that's the reason I've subconsciously sabotaged every meaningful relationship I've had. I'm sorry, Brittney, Lindsay, and Sarah...(psst, I made those names up..or did I?). 

But for real, this game SUCKED for the first 6 innings. JA "Peanut Butter" Happ was pitching an absolute gem.

For those of you new to these recaps, I started to refer to Happ as "peanut butter" because he is dependable and consistent - minus his start against Detroit.

But, on Tuesday night, he was the most locked in. His only mistake was a measly solo homer in the second inning. That was, actually, the only hit he gave up through the first 6 innings.

He came out for the 7th, gave up one single, and was subsequently 78 pitches. Sheesh.

Was this the right move by Boonie? Honestly, I'm not sure. But we won, in the end, so that is all that matters.

The main point I was trying to make is that JA Happ pitched a great fucking game.

6 IP, 2 hits, 1 ER, 1 walk, 5 Ks. Whoa.

He kept us in the game while our offense decided to do absolutely NOTHING for the first half of this contest. It was bad. Really bad. Like when you finish the last roll of toilet paper while you're in the bathroom...

Yeah, that kind of bad. That sucks.

To put things into perspective, we were getting a perfect game thrown against us until an error in the 5th, and we got no-hit until the 6th. That is utterly ridiculous for our offense. I don't want to bash our guys after a win, but come on.

Finally, in the 7th, we were able to get things going - kinda. I say "kinda" because we only scored 1 damn run. BUT, it definitely was an important run.

It's September now, which means Gardy is done with his slump and ready to be the PULSE again...and he got things going with an infield single to start off the 7th. Classic Gardy Party move. 

Giancarlo came through with a single, followed by a CLUTCH walk by CUTCH...see what I did there?

But for real, this was an amazing at-bat by McCutchen. He displayed so much patience, coaxing a walk out of the A's reliever.

He was like an 8 year old kid, waiting patiently for his twerp of a little brother to open his Christmas presents before he gets a chance.

Way to wait on opening those presents, Cutch - good job.

Then Hicksy strutted to the plate...usually I use that lingo before a big home run, but our buddy, Aaron, did something that he absolutely loves to do - HE WALKED.


The A's were able to retire us after this, but the spark had been lit. It was only a matter of time.

And that "matter of time" came RIGHT at the start of the 8th. A 411 foot bomb. Moonshot. A real YABO shot.

By who? Three words.



I absolutely love this guy. What a find by Cashman. You are an evil genius, Brian.

I've been on this guy's bandwagon since this homer parade started. There's no getting off now. You can check my Twitter bio, if you want to see my thoughts. 

I'm sorry Greg, but this guy is my first baseman. 

There's a few spots left on the Luke Voit Train. Get on now. Quick.


My guy gave us a 2-1 lead and we decided to NOT stop there. Hicksy added a RBI single at the end of the 7th, while Gardy added a RBI single of his own. 

In between these two singles, we got another solo shot, from an extremely unlikely person...


I didn't even know that he was allowed to bat, let alone crush some dingers. 

You remember back in the day, playing pickup football? And you would sometimes designate an "all-time Quarterback?" AKA, a guy to only play QB.

I thought we traded for Hech to be an all-time infielder. I fully expected to never see him wield a bat during into his entire Yankee tenure.

AND THEN, he not only steps to the plate, but he hits a homer?


Talk about the unexpected - but I'll take it! 

Before I wrap up, hats off to the bullpen for 3 great innings after Happ's incredible performance. DRob, Britton, and Dellin each pitched a shutout and hitless inning. 

And that was that!

5-1 WIN.

Things were looking very bleak early on, but we dug down and got a huge dub.

Stay tuned for Game 3's recap, coming real soon!

It will, sadly, not be as fun...

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