Game 1 White Sox Recap: Monday August 27: 6-2 Loss: 2-0 lead blown against this team? Did NOT expect that. - Jomboy Media

Game 1 White Sox Recap: Monday August 27: 6-2 Loss: 2-0 lead blown against this team? Did NOT expect that.

Frustrating series against the White Sox this week...

Recapping Tuesday's game will be fun, but, all in all, this series was an utter disappointment. Hey, that's exactly what my dad calls me! An utter disappointment. 

Okay, I'm totally kidding, but that would suck. Thankfully, I don't have a Red Forman type of dad.

Anyways, speaking of disappointments, Game 1 sure was one. 

We had a 2-0 lead, in the 6th inning, vs a 50 win team like the White Sox - that should be no problem for us!


Gleyber hit a 2 run BOMB, Tanaka was looking good, and everything was right in Yankee-World...until it wasn't.

In the 6th, Masa fell off, giving up two infield singles and a walk for a based loaded jam. Chicago proceeded to score 3 runs thanks to a RBI double and a sac fly. They added another RBI double in the 7th, also against Masa.

His line finished as such:

7 IP, 10 hits, 4 ER, 1 walk, 7 Ks.

Besides another bases loaded jam in the 4th, which Tanaka got out of unscathed, he looked great through the first 5 innings. Exactly what he need out of him.

It's really unfortunate that things fell off so drastically. 

Throughout the whole game, our bats were more ice cold than an igloo in Antarctica. HAH. Ya like that analogy?

That is an all-time corny analogy. It's the type of phrasing that guys like Mike Greenberg or Darren Rovell would come up with, and then be so proud of. But, what can you really expect when you're dealing with those guys?

It's also pretty true, though. Besides that 2 run dinger by Gleyber, we only managed to get two measly hits.

What the fuck?

You're not gonna win games playing like that. 

Tommy K pitched a scoreless 8th, but Chicago tacked on two more runs against AJ Cole in the 9th. 

6-2 loss. What are ya gonna do?

At least Tuesday was A LOT more fun in the end (even if Wednesday's game was back to being not fun...SPOILER ALERT).

Stay tuned for recaps of Games 2 and 3!

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