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Game 1 Twins Recap: Monday September 10: 7-2 WIN: Don't Want to Get Ahead of Myself, But Gary MIGHT be on His Way Back

Interesting game last night...

For the first 5 innings, I kept having a really bad feeling, like we were going to royally fuck the game up in some grand fashion. 


I was physically bracing myself for the possibility of a fuck-up, holding my TV remote, preparing to switch to the Monday Night Football games if things got ugly (okay, yes I was flipping to those games during Yankee commercials, sue me).

Contrary to my usually stellar intuition, that sense of doom never materialized!

I should have known better than to doubt Mr. Boring, yet Mr. Consistent, JA "Peanut Butter" Happ! As I've said time and time again, our 35 year old trade acquisition is the perfect embodiment of peanut butter.

He is reliable, dependable, and you always know what you're going to get with him. He won't give a flashy performance, but he shall do what needs to be done.

JA's stat line last night?

6 IP, 6 hits, 0 runs, 0 walks, 3 Ks. 

I'll take that ANY day of the week. And just to be clear, I'm talking about both the actual peanut butter, as well as Happ's performance.

That was exactly what we needed as our bats, once again, took their time to get going...

In recent weeks, the Yankees offense is essentially some old, broken-down car. You put the key in the ignition, turn it - nothing. Try it again? Still nothing.

You go through this act a few more times and finally, the car sputters to life. From this point on, during the day, your old car will get ya where you need to go.

Call upon it again the next day? Oh, it'll for sure take some time to start up again. That is just a statement of [recent] fact.

Well, on Monday night, we finally got some much-needed offense from one of the fan-favorites...

What's better than the [potential] offensive comeback of Gary "I Missed You, Teddy Bear Gar" Sanchez!!

He didn't just hit a homer - no, no, no. 



Holy shit.

He added a single and then a double, in the 7th and 8th, respectively, finishing a triple shy of the cycle. That's just a fancy way of saying "basically, Gary Sanchez got the three hits he is physically capable of getting, without some crazy circumstance..."

I'm all for a Gary triple in the future, though...BELIEVE ME.

A 3/5 night for Gar - is he back?! Is it happening? 

I'm calling my shot. He's back. (Note: If he's not back, please don't yell at me)

In the 7th, we decided to fully start up our broken-down car, by proceeding to kick the living shit out of the Twinkies. 

Here is a fun little rundown of the run scoring plays:

- 2 run double for Miggy Andújar (3-0)

- 1 run double for Giancarlooo (4-0)

- 1 run double for Sir Didi (5-0)

- 1 run single for Glibber (6-0)

- Sac fly by Cutch (7-0)


And, for your viewing pleasure, Jomboy made a nice little mashup to the tune of "Runaround Sue" by Dion. 

For all of you uncultured in underrated baseball movies, this montage was created in the all-time classic, Little Big League. The irony? That scene in the movie features the Twins kicking the shit out of a team...

Here, it is us doing it to them! Ohhhh, the irony.


And I'll tell you this much: last night, the Twins definitely weren't dancing like they were back in this '94 movie.


That's for sure. 

In case you were wondering, here is the actual classic scene:

Anyways, when we were done smacking Minnesota around in the 7th, we had a 7 run lead. 

Look at me - I didn't run through the pitchers in order tonight! I actually took a break and talked about the offense, before resuming the pitching discussion.

I know! Crazy, right?

Cessa came in for the 7th and 8th, giving up two trivial runs. Holder came in for the ninth to finish the job and preserve our 7-2 victory.


I hope our broken-down car starts up a little sooner tongiht. Sonny is on the bump, with another one of his spot starts. We're going to need ALL the runs we can get. Let's get em!


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