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Game 1 Tigers Recap: Thursday August 30: 8-7 Loss: Well, Talk About a Heartbreaker


There isn't much more to say about this game. "Fuck" pretty much sums it up, but I'll try to add to that simple, yet descriptive word.

Baseball is a fickle, fickle game. And being a die-hard Yankees fan, we live and die by each game. But that's part of the deal - we all know that.

And yet, games like last night's really hurt. There's no getting around it.

Usually, I try and be my witty, clever self, throwing a bunch of jokes into these intros like I'm Jimmy Fallon or Stephen Colbert doing an opening monologue. 

But,, I'm not really feeling it. Because that game SUCKED.

We had a 7-5 lead heading into the 9th inning, with Dellin coming into the game. Now, Dellin isn't a closer, but he has been "Good Dellin" for a while now. Should have been no problem...

As you all know by now, he gave up a 2 run homer to tie the game at 7, followed by an immediate and crushing solo shot to give the Tigers the lead and the eventual win. 

What. The. Fuck?!

Taking a 2 run lead into the 9th, against the scrub Tigers, and we end up losing. Not to mention, this occurrence is not exactly "expected" from a team of our stature. I mean, check out these stats:





Yes, thank you, Ryan. How the hell did that happen? Talk about a rarity...

Anyways, I'll run through the earlier portion of this back-and-forth game, real quick. I don't want to relive it too much, for obvious reasons.

For the first time since he joined our squad, JA Happ looked human. He didn't just look human, he looked bad. His final statline was:

4.1 IP, 10 hits, 5 ER, 0 walks, 3 Ks.

Remember how I've been saying that Happ is like peanut butter? Because he's always consistent?

Well, let's say that you hypothetically love soft, smooth peanut butter and always keep it in the pantry. Never in the fridge..Stay with me here.

NOW, have you ever had your sibling, your parent, or your significant other (Congrats on the sex), put that delicious jar of peanut butter in the fridge? Then it gets all hard and chewy!

THAT, my friends, is what happened to Happ last night. His lady friend left him in the fridge and he got all rigid, stiff, and downright bad. It makes perfect sense.

Kidding aside, he was on an unreal hot streak. I'm sure he'll get it together.

Besides him, and until Dellin, our bullpen looked great. Chaddy pitched 1.2 innings of shutout ball, relieving JA in the 5th, while DRob and Britton had a shutout inning each.

It was a homer party for both sides last night. Next time, we shouldn't invite the Tigers to our party. Let's keep all the homers to ourselves.

Note: No Tigers allowed at any Gardy Parties or homer parties.

Let me run through our dingers really quick.

Down 1-0 (after a Tiger solo shot), Giancarlo hit a 2 run blast. And his 300th! 


Congrats, G. Finally getting the metaphorical monkey off your back. (In case any of our younger audience thought he actually had some kind of chimpanzee on his back.)

Down 3-2 (after a Tiger 2 run homer), Gleyber gave us the lead back! 

Down 5-4 (after another Tiger 2 run homer - see the pattern), we broke off from the homer party and tied the game up with a Miggy Andújar RBI infield single. 

Finally, in the moment that made me think this game was over, new fan-favorite Luke "I'm here to take your job, Greg" Voit, SMASHED a 2 run blast to give us a 7-5 lead.



This dude is MY first baseman.

But alas, we weren't meant to win this game. Shit. There I go again using that fancy-schmancy Shakespeare language. I haven't said "alas" in a's definitely been a couple months of blog recaps since I last wrote it. Ah well.

I don't want to re-hash the end of this game. I already said it above. Dellin blew it and we lost 8-7.

Fuck it. Time to be resilient and bounce back against this far inferior team - Sevy is on the bump tonight. Let's get back to our winning ways!


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P.S. Turns out I ended up being slightly funny, with my peanut butter analogy and my other random spew. If you don't think so, my bad. Carry on with your days. 

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