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Game 1 Red Sox Recap: Thursday August 2: 15-7 Loss: Wow, that game was UGLY

Holy shit.

For a game that started off 4-0 for us, I did not expect it to end in that fashion. That 4th inning, where the Red Sox scored 8 runs, was one of the most painful experiences in recent memory.

There are many other things that I would choose to suffer through than another inning like that one. I’d rather get a cavity filled (even though I’ve never had one, I feel like it would suck).

I’d rather spend a full week back in my high school Biology class.

I’d rather take the SAT again. Oh, and I’d rather get hit with a brick again.


Ehhh, maybe I’ll take back that last one.

After jumping off to a 4 run lead, thanks to a 3 run bomb by Didi and a solo shot by Hicksy, CC was pulled from the game after giving up 2 runs. He was at a high pitch count, I get it. That move made sense.

Then, Jonathan Holder came into the 4th – should be no problem, right? Holder is great!


8 runs were scored in that inning. EIGHT. You know it’s serious since I actually spelled the word out, as opposed to the number.

Holder looked fucking terrible. The big blow was a 3 run homer by Steve Pearce, and he was finally pulled after an RBI double by Eduardo Nuñez. Both former Yankees, to make matters worse. And Pearce ended up with 3 total homers last night. To make matters EVEN WORSE.

Chad Green came in, adding another ER to Holder’s total and giving up one himself. And then…guess what! We had to go to our third fucking pitcher in this inning. Absolutely embarrassing.

We brought in Luis Cessa, thereby ruining his chances of a spot start on Saturday. This day just kept getting better and better.


I hope you understand that I don’t really want to say much more about this game. It was a solute bloodbath, and not in a fun way. If we won 15-7, you better believe I would recount every last detail.

If Didi did a backflip while trying to score the 15th run, I would have gone through that, step by step. Just so you know…

The Red Sox tacked 5 more runs on after that fucking fourth inning. We added 3 ourselves, but it was pretty apparent that we weren’t coming back.

I try not to hate on Boone too much, but he was making some very debatable calls out there. He clearly wasn’t instructing the pitchers, namely Holder, to hold the runners at first!

Romine does not have a great arm. The Red Sox knew that, and they exploited our weakness perfectly.

But our manager was seemingly oblivious to all of this. What the hell, Boone?

They were stealing so many bases off of us, I might file a police report. Seriously, did they sign Rickie Henderson to a one day contract? Because that was ridiculous.

Boone, step your fucking game up. These matchups against Boston are extremely important. You need to game plan for any potential possibility if we’re going to catch this team.

Alright, let’s chalk this up as a shitty loss and put it behind us. Let’s focus on tonight’s game!

Well, Sevy is on the bump. He is due for a good start. Let’s bounce back, boys! We got this…


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