Game 1 Rangers Recap: Thursday August 9: 7-3 WIN: I was in attendance as we had a HOMER PARADE and Happ did his thing! - Jomboy Media

Game 1 Rangers Recap: Thursday August 9: 7-3 WIN: I was in attendance as we had a HOMER PARADE and Happ did his thing!

Great game. Great game all around. We had a nice win. We hit a lot homers. I had a nice IPA buzz on for the majority of the game.



I tried bacon on a stick for the first time - only 6 bucks at the Stadium...I thought it would be ALOT more.

Good day all around!

And, I didn't catch JA Happ's "hand, foot, and mouth disease" from the stands!...hopefully.

All in all though, in his second Yankee start, Happ was solid again. Not as solid as his first appearnce, but still pretty respectable. We'll call it "semi-solid."

JA Happ was semi-solid in his 2nd start for the Yankees. Boom. Print it. 

6 IP, 4 hits, 3 ER, 1 walk, 9 Ks. NINE. The man was dealing out there, no question about it.

It was also Happ's 12th win of the far, post-deadline, Cashman is looking pretty damn smart. Pretty damn magical. Lynn and Happ? Yes please, keep it up you two.

Happ's 3 runs were due to a solo shot and a 2 run double...

In classic fashion, let's run through the relief pitchers before talking about our runs! If I had a dollar for every time I've said a phrase like that, since writing for Talkin' Yanks, I'd have around 60 dollars. Maybe a little more. Maybe 69. Nice. 

D-Rob, Dellin, and Chappie, the classic 7-8-9 that we all know and love, took care of business after JA. The only hit given up was by D-Rob. Dellin looked good. And Chappie walked 2 guys, in Classic Chappie fashion, but no serious fuck-ups like the one in Boston. 

Ooph. Just had a traumatic flashback to that...

But Chappie hung tough, got a fielder's choice ground out, and then struck out the next two batters.

Easy peasy. 

(Why the hell did I just say "easy peasy"? Fuck it. I'm just going to run with it).

Offense, offense, OFFENSE!

And what was on the menu last night?! Homers. Lots and lots of homers.

HICKSY got it going! 2 run shot


Oh, and here's my own filming of Hicksy, post home run. Wow, I'm throwing TONS of tweets into this blog. Sue me.




Then, MIGGY ANDÚJAR. 2 run shot


(If you didn't know by now, he continues to DÚ it...)




 (If you didn't know by now, he doesn't always WALK...)

After that, The Terminator, himself.


GIANCARLOOOOOO. The hardest hit home run, ever?!

I'm usually not a statcast guy, but when it is a stat that is making our team look good, I'm all for it. Wow, G. You are a monster.

With Judge out, this guy has been on an absolute tear. 

And the last homer of the game?


NEIL. AGAIN. HOW?!?!?!?!

Thanks, Michael.

A 2 home run day for Neil fuckin Walker. What world are we living in? It's a world I'm starting to really like!!


Was I Neil's good luck charm? I, very well, could have been. No need to thank me, guys. I do it for all of you - the fans. You're welcome.

But I'm no hero. Unless you want to call me one. I'll allow it.

Remember, kids: Not all heroes wear capes. 

And that, finally, concluded our scoring. What a game. 

It was also the PERFECT night to be out at the ball field...literally was the perfect summer temperature. Not too hot out. Nice and breezy.

Kicking back in some pretty solid seats, right up on the first baseline into right field, life was good.

NOW, let's keep these good vibes going. Let's keep beating up on shitty teams. Game 2 vs the Rangers starts in about 2 hours. 

We gained a game against the Red Sox last night - LET'S DO IT AGAIN


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P.S. I chose this cover photo, instead of one of the guys hitting homers, because it is just too damn funny. 

It looks like Chappie and Didi are trying to have a nice little conversation, and then annoying old Austin Romine saunters up like "hey guys, whatcha talking about? What are you guys doing after the game? Are you going to a party? Can I come too?"

And all they wanna say is "leave us the fuck alone, Austin, you're such a nerd!" That's why they are definitely speaking in Spanish! So they can talk shit RIGHT in front of Romine's face! Poor Ro-Ro

That is all. Have a good night, guys. 

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