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Game 1 Orioles Recap: Friday August 24: 7-5 WIN: Luke Voit and Neil Walker are the heroes! Yes, you read that correctly

Ahhh, Players Weekend. The 2nd Annual. A time for all of Major League Baseball to be creative, have some fun, wear cool cleats, and throw on some WILD jerseys that look like they were colored in bright crayons by some 1st graders.

Well, not our jerseys. For a colorful weekend like this one, our jerseys were as basic as you get. Classic Yankees.

But if you look across the league, I promise you that "1st grader" comment is an accurate description. The Orioles bright, creamsicle-looking jerseys fit into it perfectly. 

Now, I know some of the older Yankee fans have been known to hate on this weekend, saying that the Yankees should not wear these ridiculous jerseys and allow names on their backs. 

While I love all of our traditions, it's one weekend guys! Live a little! 

^That is the nicest way I could put it. I'm not usually this nice. I'm sure that in 5 years, when our fans are still complaining about Players Weekend, I'll be more like this guy in Spongebob, yelling at the complaining old timers.

Okay! That was my Players Weekend blurb! Let's get to the SWEEP!

Game 1 right here: 

Very stressful game here. And with Sonny pitching one of the doubleheader games, I knew this was a must win.

For future reference: watching this at a friend's apartment while consuming a lot of alcohol did not help my stress levels. Probably increased them.

Oh well. 

CC, coming off his quick little DL stint, was very solid, despite the 2 runs he gave up in this first inning. Any time that you give up a 2 out RBI single to Chris "I only strikeout or hit homers - but mostly strikeout lately" Davis, things are looking bad.

Luckily, they didn't get worse after this shocking oddity. Seriously. There is a good chance that Chris Davis won't hit a 2 run single again in his career.

CC settled down for the next 5 innings, pitching some great shutout baseball. His final statline was:

6 IP, 5 hits, 2 ER, 2 walks, 8 Ks. Great outing by the Big Guy. 

In the 4th, we were able to tie the game at 2, thanks to a dinger by our first baseman...oh? You thought I meant Greg Bird? 

HAHAHA. Don't be ridiculous!

I'm talking about our new phenom!




LUKE VOIT. JON VOIGHT. LOUIS. MR. RELEVANT. LUKE VOIT IS ADRIOT. Whatever name you want to call him, I'm all on board the Luke Voit bandwagon. Hop on now! This kid is an absolute tank. 

Hmm. I guess I should call him a train? Since I said "hop on the bandwagon." I was calling him a tank because he's a massive human. But, train works too. Okay, I'm going to stop talking to myself now.

Hop on now! This kid is an absolute TRAIN.

Anyways, Voit tied the game up at 2! Unfortunately, after CC turned things over to DRob, everyone's favorite bullpen sprinter gave up a 2 run homer in the 7th...shit.

But, our comeback boys are back and better than ever. 

After singles by Miggy and Neil in the 8th, Gley Bay Bay hit 'em both home with a base hit! Tied at 4!

"Good Dellin" came in and pitched a shutout 8th inning. Our bats were quiet in the 9th, but Chad Green kept the O's lineup in check. And we headed into extras...


Okay, quick! a tied game in the 10th, who do you think is the most clutch batter to have up there?

If you guessed Disco Neil "He doesn't always walk" Walker, YOU ARE RIGHT!


NEILLLLL!!! Holy shit. What a clutch bomb from a guy who had been criticized all year. He really, and truly, has found a place on this team.  

What's better than one extra inning homer? TWO extra inning homers!


 LUKE VOIT AGAIN! I love this guy!

Boonie, make him our starting first baseman NOW! Sorry, Greg - you had a shit ton of chances to prove you belong. We can still keep you on the team, but I want Jon Voight's son in the lineup as much as possible (yes, I know they spell their names differently)

In a fitting end, Zach Britton came in to face his old team. He gave up one solo homer, but buckled down and got the save! 7-5 WIN

Stay tuned for the recaps of Games 2-4!

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