Game 1 of Orioles Doubleheader Recap: Monday 7/9: 5-4 loss: Giving up a lead sucks

Well, that first game was annoying. Despite Game 2 being a lot of fun, it’s been frustrating to deal with this Orioles team. They play like absolute garbage against every other Major League team, for the most part.

But, when it comes to us, they are a fucking thorn in our side. When Valencia hit that 3 run homer to give them the lead, I instantly had a flashback to our extra inning loss against them back in April…the one I was present for, when Judge grounded into a bases loaded double play.

Seriously, I had a damn war flashback during yesterday’s loss. I was like Frank Constanza when he started cooking again in Seinfeld.


If any of you guys havent watched Seinfeld yet, what are you doing with your lives? I’m going to stop this blog for the next 23 minutes. That will give you enough time to watch one episode. See you then.

23 MINUTES LATER ********

Okay, back! Oh, you don’t me believe me that I waited 23 minutes before I continued writing? Well, you’re just going to have to trust me. This is essentially a trust exercise. Like those catch and fall ones.


Anyways, this game started off looking really good! Giancarlo hit a damn laser at the start of the second inning. ABSOLUTE ROCKET.


Vote this goddamn Terminator into the All Star Game. Please.

In the 3rd, we added to the league. Judge and Didi hit a pair of RBI singles, scoring Wade and then Judge. Whoa. Single-ception.

At this point, I started to light my metaphorical cigar…3-0 lead against the Orioles?! That’s a piece of cake.

Wow. Imagine trying to eat a slice of cake, while simultaneously smoking a cigar. That would be extremely unpleasant, no? Maybe you could get away with it, if it was a lemon pound cake, or angel food. I feel like smoking a cigar while eating angel food cake would be tolerable.

But something like chocolate, or red velvet? That would be horrible…whoa…see where my mind wanders?

Hmm…what was I talking about? Oh yeah! Easy victory – but not quite. Mark Trumbo hit a 2 run blast to cut the lead to 3-2.

In a shocking turn of events, Neil Walker decided to start being slightly productive again, driving home Giancarlo with a RBI single.

Up to this point, CC was looking pretty damn solid. But the 6th inning was his ruination. I know that the big guy has been able to pitch 6 innings this year – even 7 sometimes.

But I think it is getting to the point where Boonie needs to consider pulling him after 5. I love CC, but, with our bullpen, why take the risk? I think it definitely is something to consider in the future.

Anyways, in the 6th inning, CC walked Trumbo (should’ve been pulled here), gave up a double to Schoop (should’ve been pulled here), and then gave up that 3 run homer to Valencia. And he was finally pulled after that – too late, Boone.

The damage was done.


Holder and AJ Cole kept it within one run, but we weren’t able to take advantage. I really thought we were going to, by the way. But, it wasn’t meant to be.

5-4 loss. Ah, who cares? The Orioles are still scrubs.

Thankfully, we were able to beat the shit out of them in Game 2! *SPOILER ALERT*

Tune into my Game 2 Recap!

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