Game 1 Mets Recap: Friday July 20: 7-5 Loss: First game of the Second Half -Annoying loss. The Mets are still scrubs

WOO! Baseball is back, baby!

During the entire All Star Break, I was chomping at the bit for some more Yankees baseball. I was like Chappelle in his crack addict sketch from Chapelle’s Show.


Ya’ll got any more of those Yankee baseball games?!

Side note: Home Run Derby was entertaining, but Judge and Stanton would have murked all those guys. And the All Star Game was pretty entertaining to watch – especially this:

BUT, let’s get back to being excited about the second half.

When Friday rolled around, I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning. Well, before my dad ran out on us. That Christmas was a rough one…Sorry, I don’t like to talk about it too much – bad memories (I’m kidding, btw)

But, seriously, I was so pumped to start the second half of baseball.

We’re playing the Mets. This is gonna be our half of baseball. We’ve got this. Let’s sweep through this scrub team and keep on rolling. Playoffs here we come.

These were the thoughts flooding my brain before the first pitch. And then, everything came crashing down. Like when I ran downstairs to open presents back in ’05 and my pops was MIA. Fuck.

Except, in this scenario, Domingo German was the one breaking my heart. Oh, Domingo. You’re killing me. You’re killing us, really.


I didn’t even get to take a sip of my first IPA of the night, before we were down 3 to fucking nothing. The “Amazin” Mets, who *spoiler alert* aren’t amazing at all, knocked 3 RBI doubles off our guy.

And look, I get it. Boone wanted to structure the rotation so that CC, Sevy, and Tanaka will face off against Boston in early August. That makes sense.

But still, starting off the second half with a guy like Domingo German is a huge buzzkill. I wouldn’t say it’s a bigger buzzkill than Buzz Killington, but it’s pretty damn close.

So yeah, we started off losing 3-0. And we couldn’t muster any offensive production against Noah “The Loser Thor Wannabe” Syndergaard.

To make matters worse, Yoenis Céspedes added a bullshit homer that glanced off the foul pole in left. 323 feet. Not exactly a moonshot, huh?

Don’t forget, this guy has had more phantom injuries than Kawhi Leonard, Markelle Fultz, and Ellsbury put together. Okay, maybe not Ellsbury, since we haven’t seen him this year…but Céspedes has been complaining about injuries non-stop.

And he was still able to get a dinger off fuckin Domingo, who was eventually pulled in the 4th after getting into more trouble. Surprise, surprise.

Domingo’s final stat line was:

3.2 IP, 5 hits, 4 ER, 2 walks, 3 K’s.

Oh, and he got sent down to Tripe A after the game. Hopefully, he’ll be able to figure out some stuff down there. Like how to pitch better…

Anyways, Adam Warren came in and gave up a couple more runs. Our only run early on was a sac fly by Giancarlo. 6-1 Mets…


But a WILD 6th got us back into it! Gary started it off with a single – and then a Greg Bird bloop resulted in this:

HAHA. Dumbass Mets.

And then a Neil Walker double scored both Gary and Greg!! HUH?!

A Neil Walker 2 run double?

Yes, you read that right. I know, pretty crazy. That Neil is full of surprises…eh, not really. But big hit, Neil!

Honestly, I think the Mets forgot how to play baseball. They turned into the Cleveland Indians from the movie Major League...before they get good in the end.

This was looking like a comeback win for us, no problem. Didi knocked home the 4th run on a RBI double, and Giancarlo made it 6-5 with a RBI groundout.

But we weren’t able to push through and complete the comeback against our little brothers from Queens. They tacked on another run and that was the final. 7-5.

After Warren, Shreve, Chad Green, and Holder all pitched shutout ball. AJ Cole gave up that final run in the 9th, on a sac fly. At least our pen did their job.

But still, that was a pretty shitty way to start off the second half. But what do you expect when Domingo German is on the mound? The guy is more inconsistent than Dwight Howard at the free throw line.


And just remember. This loss still wasn’t as bad as Christmas 2005. That day will live in infamy in my mind…


Saturday game recap coming soon!

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